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How to pay my bill, payment options, see your water report, paperless billing, help with your bill, manage your account, trail permit, start stop service EBMUD strives for responsive, personalized service for our 1.4 million customers and 740,000 wastewater customers.

Start or stop service

New to the area? Moving out? Start, stop or transfer existing water services using our online portal.

Drought update

Get the latest news on the drought, water supply updates and Board actions here.

Water pressure

Get flow and pressure information for new fire services, single family homes and more.

New meter installation

Apply for water service and/or fire service for a new development. To apply online, go to new water service application.

Alerts and outages

Learn about active emergency pipeline breaks, alerts or changes to water quality. Report a water emergency: 1-866-403-2683.

Alert subscriptions

Stay up-to-date about service outages and construction affecting your street address or any address in EBMUD’s service area.

Regulations governing water service

Regulations ensure wise water use, safe water supply, proper metering and more.

Contact us

How can we help? Call 1-866-403-2683 or send us a message.

Customer Assistance Program

The Customer Assistance Program (CAP) can pay a portion of the water bill for qualified low-income customers in single-family dwellings and for eligible homeless shelters.

EBMUD Water Lifeline

EBMUD customers can now make a donation to customers in need through one of two EBMUD Water Lifeline Programs. Learn more about the Water Lifeline.

EBMUD Risk Management Division

Information on how to file a claim. The Risk Management Division is responsible for investigating and settling all liability claims against the District.