Understanding your bill

EBMUD sets rates and charges to cover the costs of the water and wastewater services it provides. All residential customers receive a bill every two months. 

For descriptions of fees and charges hover, tap, or click the parts of the bill you are interested in.

Billing payment stubReturn this section with your payment by mail or drop-off. Meter SizeThe size of your meter in inches. Elevation BandThere are three elevation bands used to determine your Elevation Surcharge based upon the pressure zone in which your service connection is located. Pressure zones are determined by elements that include elevation and pressure. Meter ReadingsCurrent meter reading and previous meter reading from same period last year. Click on sample bill to learn how to read your meter. UnitsHow much water you used this billing cycle as compared to last year, if available. 1 flow unit = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons. Consumption InformationThe number of gallons used divided by the number of days in the billing period equals your gallons per day usage. Understanding your water use helps you conserve water. Please Pay Amount Now DueThe total of all charges currently due. Sewer ServiceThese fees are collected by EBMUD for cities in our service area to pay for use and maintenance of city sewer lines. For more information please contact the city listed on your bill. SF Bay Residential Pollution PreventionThese fees help fund education and outreach programs to prevent pollutants from entering the wastewater treatment process and possibly ending up in San Francisco Bay. Wastewater Treatment ChargeThe cost to treat wastewater from your property before it is released to San Francisco Bay. Utility TaxVoter approved tax on water service charges collected by El Cerrito, Hercules and San Pablo to pay usual and current expenses of these cities (applies to these cities only). Elevation SurchargePays for the increased power and facility costs to pump water to locations 200 or more feet above sea level. Water Flow ChargePays for water to be delivered to your property including water supply treatment and distribution. Water Service ChargeA fixed charge that is based on the water meter size (e.g. 5/8 inch) and pays for the use of the meter and other services (meter reading, billing, repairs and customers services). Previous Charges and CreditsThis section provides a breakdown of the previous balance, recent payments and may include late payment penalties, credits and/or bill adjustments. Water Service AddressEBMUD provides water service to this location. This may differ from the mailing address. Account Mailing AddressThis mailing address may differ from the service address. Billing PeriodMeters are read every two months for most customers. These dates reflect the start of the current billing period and the last day your meter was read. Large commercial and industrial accounts are billed on a monthly basis. Your Account NumberAn 11-digit number assigned to the service address. EBMUD's toll-free phone numberContact EBMUD Customer Service at 1-866-403-2683. Message from EBMUDCurrent message related to water service. Payment Due DateThe date your payment is due, and when to expect your next bill.
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