Billing questions

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How do I pay my bill online?

  1. You may make a online one-time payment using a credit card, ATM card or electronic check. There is a convenience fee for this service.
  2. Alternatively, enroll in paperless billing and make electronic payments at no cost using your bank account. You will no longer receive paper bills and instead will receive an email or text message when your bill is due. You can cancel the paperless billing service at any time and receive paper bills again, starting with your next billing cycle.

Where can I pay my bill in cash? Pay stations near your home or business will accept cash, but some locations will require a small fee. Payments made at pay stations take 3 business days to post. Search for a pay station near your home or business on our map or download a list of locations by city.

I need to pay my bill immediately. How soon are payments processed? Most payment options are processed in 2 businesses days. For next business day processing, use the dropbox locations in Oakland.

Where do I find my account number? Your 11-digit account number is located on the upper right corner of your bill (view a sample bill). If you can’t find your bill, please call 1-866-403-2683 during business hours Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What should I do if I forgot my email address or password? If you forgot your password, click on the reset password link on the Sign in page.

How do I change my email address? Sign in with your old email address, under the Contact Info tab click [Edit] next to "EBMUD ID". Follow the instructions and activate the new email address.

You can manage your account, change email, and go paperless

Why can't I activate my account? You may be unable to activate your account for one of the following reasons:

  • The account has already been registered. Please Sign in using your email address and password.
  • The account number you entered is incorrect or isn’t the required 11-digit number.
  • The last name or the company name doesn’t match what is listed on the account.
  • The link in the activation email has expired. The link expires after one hour.  If it expires, please click 'reset password'.

My bill is higher than usual. What do I do? There are many possible reasons for increases in your water use which may result in a higher bill. If you have a higher than normal bill, you should consider the following possibilities:

I have a high bill, but I can't find a leak. What's going on? There are many possible reasons for high use, from a faulty irrigation timer to changing circumstances. Visit Water Conservation for resources that best fit your circumstances.

What types of leaks will EBMUD repair? EBMUD repairs leaks to its water meters and water mains. Leaks on the customer's side of the meter, including the pipe between the meter and the building, are the responsibility of the customer.

How do I find out if I have a leak? Follow instructions on the Leak and High Bill page to identify and repair common leaks. For printable information open Meet Your Meter.

Are there organizations that can help me with minor home repairs? Alameda county provides relief for minor plumbing repairs for customers in the cities of Alameda, Albany, Emeryville, Hayward, Oakland, Piedmont, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo and some unincorporated areas. Call 510-670-5398 or visit their website at

I need help understanding my bill. Visit Understanding your bill to view a detailed description of the fees and charges listed on your EBMUD bill.

I used very little water according to my last bill, why does my water bill still appear high? Water bills have fixed charges, regardless of how much water you use. Fixed charges cover the costs necessary to operate and maintain our system and ensure that it is stable and reliable for the future.

I have a much higher than normal bill, is it because of rate increases? The latest rate changes will impact customers differently, based on water use. An average household using 200 gallons a day will see an increase of $3.62 per month in July 2019, and an additional increase of $3.73 per month the following year. Log into your EBMUD account and use our Bill Explainer to evaluate your bill.

I want to be notified if my water use is unusually high. How do I set up notifications? EBMUD customers can login to the online portal with their account information. Once enrolled, navigate to Communication Preferences and configure your notification settings.

I get My Water Report emails/letters about my water use. Do I really use this much water? Yes, the information in the report is based on your metered water use. Many people are surprised to see their water use in gallons per day.

How do I change the number of occupants or size of the irrigated landscape? Log in to the portal and go to Update Occupants under My Account.

Can I get help paying my water bill? EBMUD offers a Customer Assistance Program (CAP) to assist low-income residential customers and eligible homeless shelters with a discount on their bimonthly water bill. To qualify for this benefit, customers must complete the CAP application.

Can I get a payment extension? Login to your account and select 'Request Services - Payment Extensions' or call Customer Service, 1-866-403-2683 during business hours (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

Tip: Some customers split their water bill into two payments instead one every other month. When your water bill arrives, you can pay half of your water bill one month, and the remaining balance the next month.

I am moving, how do I start EBMUD water service for the first time? If you are a first-time residential EBMUD customer, go to Start service. If you need help, call EBMUD during business hours using the contact information on this page.

I am moving from one address to another within the EBMUD service area. Sign in to Manage Your Account to stop your existing water service. Then follow the Start Water Service instructions on the Start/stop service page.

I want to start service for a multiple dwelling property. Can I do this online? Not currently. Please call Customer Service, 1-866-403-2683 during business hours (8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.).