About us

Board of Directors and management

Get information on our publicly elected Board of Directors, board meetings and EBMUD management.

Who we are

EBMUD provides high-quality drinking water for 1.4 million East Bay customers.


For media inquiries, contact Public Affairs at 510-287-0138. During off-hours, contact 866-403-2683.

Education resources

Field trips and free classroom materials are available.


Order the Plants and Landscapes book, request school materials and get annual reports and newsletters.

Public records

EBMUD is committed to accountability and transparency by providing customers with information.


EBMUD Upcoming Events

Vegetation management

EBMUD manages vegetation along its properties and rights-of-way to maintain these areas free of fire hazards.

Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)

EBMUD has an action plan should we lose power.

Public accessibility

EBMUD ensures fair and open public processes.