Financial Information

EBMUD's financial condition continues to be sound, with a stable revenue base and rates that compare favorably with other Bay Area water and wastewater agencies. Our responsible fiscal management and planning, as confirmed by external auditor reports, give us the financial means to ensure reliable water and wastewater system operations while consistently meeting our principal and interest payments on bond debt.

EBMUD Credit Ratings

These credit ratings are assigned to EBMUD by credit rating agencies and reflect the District's credit worthiness as a debt issuer.

Financial Reports

You will find:

  • Annual Audited Basic Financial Statement
  • Audited Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports
  • Annual Unaudited Continuing Disclosure Information Statements
  • Quarterly Unaudited Financial Statements
  • Quarterly Unaudited Investment Reports
  • Annual Audited Employees' Retirement System Financial Statements
  • Annual Audited Joint Powers Authorities Financial Statements

Retirement System Financial Information

You will find:

  • Audited Retirement System Financials
  • Pension Actuarial Valuation Reports
  • HIB Actuarial Valuation Reports
  • Supplemental Valuation Reports
  • Retirement System GASB Reports
  • Performance and Economic Reports
  • Most Recent Experience Study
  • Most Recent Economic Assumptions Study

Official Statements

Recent official statements for the District's long-term revenue bonds and links to EMMA for more information.

Budget and Rates

An overview and details of EBMUD's operating and capital budgets.

Related District Policies

Board-approved policies related to debt, investments, and other key financial topics.

Independent Registered Municipal Advisor (IRMA) Letter

Letter containing representations required under the SEC Municipal Advisor Rules.


Jacqueline Lee
EBMUD Debt Administrator  

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