Budget and rates

Budget & rates process for FY 2020 & 2021 

Every two years, EBMUD must examine its budget and rates to ensure funding for core water and wastewater operations and capital investments.

At the final series of public workshops to be held on March 26, 2019, EBMUD staff will present to the Board of Directors a proposed budget for the next two fiscal years (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2021) totaling $2.34 billion with the water system representing 86 percent and the wastewater system 14 percent of the budget.

Over the last decade, we have weathered a nation-wide economic recession and recovery, and a severe drought followed closely by above average rainfall. In addition, customers have dramatically changed their water use habits with consumption decreasing by nearly 30 percent from approximately 200 million gallons per day (MGD) in 2004 to a projected 141 MGD this year. Challenges such as these require near-term response and long-term planning to safeguard financial stability and maintain a high level of customer service and water quality. 

The budget priorities for FY20 & FY21 emerged from a planning process that began with the adoption of the District’s July 2018 Strategic Plan. This budget continues investments in and maintenance of aging infrastructure and provides a plan for long-term financial stability. Over the next two years, we will invest more than $800 million to improve our aging water and wastewater infrastructure. Investments are also being made in our IT infrastructure to upgrade outdated financial and human resource systems. Essential to these investments is maintaining and attracting a robust workforce to ensure we can provide service 24/7.

The District operates and maintains a vast network of pipelines, storage and treatment facilities to deliver water to customers and provide wastewater service. From the Sierra Nevada foothills to the San Francisco Bay, this network has an estimated replacement cost exceeding $15 billion.

Maintaining high-quality service requires ongoing reinvestment in reservoirs, aqueducts, pump stations, pipelines, sewer interceptors, digesters and treatment plants.

The budget was developed after analyzing a portfolio of investments and determining the highest priority projects based on regulatory compliance, safety, cost-effectiveness and improving service to our customers. Almost 67 percent of the proposed FY20 & FY21 budget relates to building and paying for capital.

How would water rates change?

The average single family residential customer now uses 8 centum cubic feet (CCF) per month or approximately 200 gallons per day. Their monthly water charges would increase $3.62 in FY20 and an additional $3.73 in FY21.

How would wastewater rates change?

The average single family residential customer discharges 6 CCF per month of their total water use to the sewer system. Their monthly wastewater treatment charges collected on the water bill would increase $0.20 in FY20 and an additional $0.87 in FY21.

The wastewater Wet Weather Facilities Charge, collected on the property tax bill for customers in our SD-1 service area, is based on a customer’s lot size. For most single family residential customers the annual wastewater Wet Weather Facilities Charge will increase by $7.50 in FY20 and an additional $4.46 in FY21. For single family residential customers with the largest lot size, over 10,000 square feet, the annual increase would be $26.76 in FY20 and an additional $15.90 in FY21.

Process Culminates in June

The EBMUD Board of Directors will hold a public hearing on June 11, 2019. After the public hearing, the Board of Directors will consider adoption of the Fiscal Year 2020 & 2021 budget, rates and charges. The budget and rates, if approved, will take effect July 1, 2019.

Public workshops and meetings are held at the EBMUD Administrative Office, 375 11th Street in Oakland. These dates are:

Budget Workshop #2 – March 26, 2019

Budget Workshop #1 – January 22, 2019   Staff report and presentation

The General Manager will file the Report and Recommendation on FY20 & FY21 Rates, Charges & Fees on May 14, 2019. The date for the Public Hearing will be set when the Report is filed.

Budget development process 

Budget Development Process

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