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All About EBMUD

Digital resources

Virtual tours

Miocene fossils in Mokelumne River Watershed

Virtual tour: a significant fossil discovery dating back millions of years on EBMUD land.

Fossil Discovery Virtual Tour

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Water / Wastewater treatment plants

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Tour a Water Treatment Plant

Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to tour EBMUD's largest treatment plant, which produces 2.5 billion glasses of water per day.

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Tour a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Find out what happens to the dirty water from your toilet after it goes down the drain. Take a tour of EBMUD’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Watch: Water Wednesday series

EBMUD's Water Wednesday series invites industry experts to discuss topics such as drought, wildfire, watersmart gardens, EBMUD history, desalination, fossils and more.

Watch on YouTube.


Flipbook: From Watershed to Bay - virtual

This digital flipbook shows how our water comes from the mountains to your tap. Learn how you can protect environment by making your own rain garden.


Activity books k-12 grades - bilingual and free

Order free student and teacher workbooks in English and Spanish for every grade. Learn about the water cycle, pollution prevention and wise water use. Order here.

At home and at school


Water conservation

Save water and reduce bills through simple plumbing and landscaping changes. Get a free water use survey and learn about our garden grants.


Pollution prevention
Protecting the San Francisco Bay is part of EBMUD's commitment to protecting public health and the environment. Learn more about what you can do at home and school to protect SF Bay. 

Outside and on your own

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Science fairs

Compete for an “Excellence in Water and Wastewater Research Award,” through Alameda County and Contra Costa County.


Outdoor classrooms

Register for an outdoor classroom excursion on our watershed to learn about creek restoration, reforestation and natural history programs.

Join Us For A Water WalkWe invite you to explore some of our scenic reservoirs and breathtaking watersheds in a series of guided walks. Join us for East Bay watershed walks and learn about EBMUD’s fascinating history and the work we’re doing today.

Internships and Careers

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EBMUD offers a variety of internship and training programs for young adults and adults to promote careers in water and wastewater services.

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Career Pathways

Check out available career pathways at EBMUD with descriptions of skills, experience, education, certifications and licenses needed to move and grow within the organization.

Lesson plans from our partners

Teacher and Activity Guide (K-3)

Explore the world of water, particularly drinking water and its sources, in an educational and fun manner (American Water Works Association).

Educational Materials (K-12)

Worksheets, activity books, posters, videos, and curriculum guides for formal and non-formal educators (California Department of Water Resources).

Our Water - WaterSense for Kids

Understand the story of how we use water from the nation's lakes, rivers, and groundwater aquifers, and why it's important to be smarter about how we use it (Environmental Protection Agency).

Classroom Programs about Water

Lesson plans that engage students in water and wastewater science and empower them to prevent pollution, use water wisely, and respect their environment (Dublin San Ramon Services District).

Water Science School

Explore all aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can test your water knowledge (U.S. Geological Survey).

Water Kids

Learn the basics about water supply and water use as the building blocks for understanding water issues. (Water Educational Foundation).

New Voices are Rising

Join this civic-minded group to be a leader of environmental issues in your community (Rose Foundation).

Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge
Join Sustainable Contra Costa in an effort to create a cleaner, healthier community that's ecologically and economically sustainable, vibrant and socially just for all.
Sailing into Science (5th grade)

This hands-on program for 5th graders integrates science and boating on Lake Merritt (City of Oakland).