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Kristi, LabWe’re excited for you to join our water/wastewater workforce. EBMUD offers hundreds of job classifications with competitive salary and benefits. EBMUD advocates equal employment opportunity in our hiring process. This page provides information about jobs, career paths, and resources to support the testing and selection process. 


Job descriptions and salary information

The Job descriptions and salary information page lists EBMUD job descriptions, including minimum qualifications and salary range. Visit this page to sign-up for email alerts for specific job openings. The salary schedule defines EBMUD pay range for each job classification which is a result of the negotiated agreement with bargaining units and /or employee associations. It includes proposed base pay, grade level and the associated salary steps.

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Career paths at EBMUD

View the career paths available at EBMUD with descriptions of skills, experience, education, certifications and licenses needed to advance within the organization. To find out more about our employees, go to  On the job with EBMUD.

Getting Started: Tips on completing your EBMUD application

For most positions, we use a multi-step selection process to hire the best candidate for the job. All steps combined can take several months to compete. 

  • Step 1. Meeting the Minimum Qualifications - Your application is reviewed to determine if you meet the minimum required education and experience to perform the job. If you meet the qualifications, you continue in the selection process. 
  • Step 2. Evaluation - For many positions, a panel evaluates your application and supplemental question responses against other applications to determine who has the best training, experience and qualifications. 
  • Step 3. Testing - Depending on the position's role and responsibilities, qualified applicants may need to pass one or more employment tests, such as a typing test, a writing assessment, or a skills-based test. 
  • Step 4. Panel Interview - The top candidate from the previous steps may be interviewed by a panel of experts who will rank candidates by test and interview scores to create an employment eligibility list. 
  • Step 5. Hiring Interview - The highest scoring candidates from the eligibility list are invited to a separate hiring interview and a selection is then made for employment. 

For more application tips, please click the link below (PDF). 

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Water Distribution Plumber I recruitment

Watch the video below for information on the Plumber I Field test

Sample test items

The sample items can help entry level applicants prepare for EBMUD's written tests with tips, examples of concepts covered, and sample problems. Entry level written tests may include the following subjects: reading comprehension, math, blueprint reading, reading water meters, and mechanical/spatial concepts. For examples of our test items, please click the link below (PDF).

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Employee benefits program

EBMUD has one of the most comprehensive employee benefits programs in the country. Click on the tab at the right for more information.

Equal employment opportunity

EBMUD is fully committed to the concept and practice of equal opportunity and affirmative action in all aspects of employment. This commitment is reflected in the EBMUD mission statement. The Affirmative Action (AA) Plan conforms with Executive Order 11246 and the implementing regulations of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. EBMUD cultivates a work environment where all employees and applicants receive equal employment opportunities (EEO) and respect for cultural and gender differences. EBMUD recruits diverse candidates for jobs, communicates AA/EEO expectations to all employees, and addresses EEO concerns appropriately and proactively. See our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy for more information.

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As a federal contractor, EBMUD develops an annual affirmative action plan that identifies actions planned to remedy workforce underutilization and to uphold equal employment opportunity in the workplace.

The Affirmative Action Plan reaffirms our commitment to affirmative action and equal employment opportunities, defines our mission and legal authority, and clarifies the roles and responsibilities of each employee in supporting these policies.

EBMUD is proud to continue its commitment to equal employment opportunity and a workplace where diversity is valued and respected.

To request copies of the current EBMUD Affirmative Action Plan, email or call 510-287-0710.