Public records

Public records request 

As provided for by the California Public Records Act, EBMUD offers access to its records upon receipt of a request which reasonably describes an identifiable record or information produced therefrom. Such requests are handled by the Secretary of the District, who is the Custodian of Records.

Requests can be sent by email, mail or fax to:

Rischa Cole 
Secretary of the District
375 11th Street, MS 806
Oakland, CA 94607
Fax: 510-287-0555  

To request copies of District records, please provide additional information by completing the Records Request Form.

Per the Public Records Act, the District may recover the "direct cost of duplication" for disclosable public records, unless a different charge is provided by statute. The District's Public Records Act Fee Schedule provides more information regarding applicable charges.

Government compensation

EBMUD provides information on salary and other compensation to the California State Controller’s Office for public review. This is part of our mission to ensure fair and open processes, ensuring fair rates and charges and exercising responsible financial management.

View EBMUD employee compensation by scrolling to "Browse the Data", selecting "Special Districts". In the table search, type "East Bay Municipal Utility District."

SB 272 compliance 

SB 272 adds a section to the California Public Records Act requiring local agencies to create a catalog of enterprise systems by July 1, 2016 with annual updates. Click here to view EBMUD's catalog