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A seven-member Board of Directors, elected by wards for four-year terms, determines overall policies, which are then implemented under the direction of the General Manager. Board meetings are open to the public and held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 1:15 p.m. in the Board Room, 2nd Floor, 375 11th Street, Oakland, CA. In addition, workshop sessions, special meetings, and public hearings are occasionally scheduled and notices are sent to the public.

Each Board member serves on one or more standing Board committees. The committees review and make recommendations with regard to matters of major interest prior to discussion by the full Board at a regular meeting. Standing committees of the Board include Planning, Legislative/Human Resources, and Finance/Administration.

Board members also represent EBMUD on the Association of California Water Agencies, the Bay Area Water Forum, the Freeport Regional Water Authority, the Upper Mokelumne River Watershed Authority, the Dublin San Ramon Services District/EBMUD Recycled Water Authority (DERWA), the Special Districts Associations of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, EBMUD/East Bay Regional Park District Liaison Committee, and the Upcounty Liaison Committee.

To contact Board members or for questions about Board meetings, email the Secretary of the District.


EBMUD has approximately 2,000 full-time employees under the administrative direction of appointed General Manager Clifford C. Chan and management staff. Groups of employees are represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Locals 444 and 2019, International Federation of Professional, Technical Engineers Local 21, and International Union of Operating Engineers Local 39. EBMUD is an equal opportunity employer and encourages diversity in contracting and in the work forces of District contractors.

EBMUD's strategic plan is a blueprint for how EBMUD will respond to future challenges and changing priorities. It reaffirms our mission and values as a public utility dedicated to high-quality service and preservation of our precious resources for future generations. It also outlines the specific goals, strategies, and objectives we will pursue to meet those future challenges and establishes some key performance indicators to measure our progress.

Organization Chart

EBMUD has approximately 2,000 full-time employees under the administrative direction of an appointed General Manager and management staff. Organization chart to be updated on or before July 6, 2020.

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