Municipal Utility District Act (MUD Act)

EBMUD is a publicly-owned utility formed under the Municipal Utility District Act (MUD Act) passed by the California Legislature in 1921. The MUD Act, as codified by the Public Utilities Code of the State of California, authorizes the formation and governance of the District.

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Ethics Policy

EBMUD's ethics policy promotes awareness of ethics, integrity, and fidelity as critical elements in EBMUD Board members’ conduct. It references relevant policies, practices, and procedures that provide the legal framework and operational guidelines for addressing ethical issues.

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Ethics Policy Of The EBMUD Board Of Directors PDF <1 MB

Public Filings

Fair Political Practice Commission (FPPC) Form 801 must be posted online within 30 days of the use of the payment as stated in the FPPC's revised Regulation 18944.2. This regulation establishes the criteria under which a payment that would otherwise be considered a gift to a public official may be considered a gift to the official's agency. Hard copies of these documents are available for review in the Office of the Secretary at EBMUD.

There are currently no filings to report.