Meter repairs and replacements

EBMUD has about 400,000 water meters to measure customer water use. Every year, we repair or replace nearly 30,000 meters annually to ensure that customers are billed correctly for water use. 

Meter mechanic repairs an EBMUD meter.

Water meters are usually located on the sidewalk near the curb and are in a box under a cover made of cement or steel with an EBMUD logo. 

EBMUD is responsible for repairing leaks on the meter and the service line (that is, the copper pipe) from the water main to the meter. Occasionally the meter box will need to be adjusted and the repair activity could include repairing surrounding curbs and sidewalks.

Any pipe repairs on the customer's side of the meter are the customer's responsibility. While we do not provide recommendations for contractors to repair a customer’s leak, we recommend that you contact a licensed contractor or plumber.

Sometimes repairs will require temporarily shutting off water service to your property. EBMUD employees will notify you if the work will result in a water outage.

Important: EBMUD needs to access your meter to measure your water usage. Please keep your water meter accessible by clearing any obstructions such as plant growth that are within a 30 inch radius of the water meter and 6 feet above it. Keep any landscaping materials such as bark, dirt, gravel or rocks off the meter box lid.