My Water Report Program

EBMUD offers a FREE online portal to all customers to help track and manage water use. 

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Step 1: Sign in 

First-time user: make sure you have your EBMUD account number on hand, and follow these instructions.

Step 2: Set up leak and high use alerts

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Notifications via text message or email are helpful when you use autopay for bills, and might not notice an important increase in your water bill.



Step 3: Save water, energy and money!


"We discovered a significant leak in our sprinkler system. A pipe 2 feet down and under a 50 foot palm tree was the culprit!" - Lafayette resident
"Many thanks for your email warning about our water use. We much appreciate your oversight. Second, the leak turned out to be in an old watering system!" - Berkeley resident 


Follow the instructions for setting up your online account and get portal access. 

You can opt to receive a notification by email, text or voice when your current use exceeds your average historical use by any amount (1x), or if it is at least double (2x) or triple (3x) the historical average. 

Historical averages are calculated by averaging the same period in the prior 3 years. Most EBMUD customers set their notifications at 2X times their normal use.

To set up notifications on the portal, click on Settings, and then select Communication Preferences. 

Use Settings

Single-family residential homes with email addresses are alerted by our system of irregular water use within two days of their water bill. 

However, the account must have a minimum of two years of history. 

Potential leak are detected when bi-monthly consumption exceeds both:

Bi Monthly Leak Detection

  • 360 Minimum Gallons Per Day (GPD) 
  • 150-200% increase over the seasonal high from the previous two years

To set your own alerts adjust your communication preferences under account settings.


Yes, the information in the report is based on your metered water use. Many people are surprised the first time they see their water use in gallons per day!

For residential accounts, your home is compared to other households (not your neighbors) in your region that have the same number of occupants and a similarly sized yard. Click Update Occupants under My Account to make changes to your household profile.

For commercial and multi-family accounts, your business' water usage is only being compared to the accounts' historical water usage.

WaterSmart portal screenshots



We recommend linking all of your water accounts to your EBMUD Customer Login at the same time prior to viewing your My Water Report. A data lag can occur if you link an account and then look at your My Water Report and then link more accounts after.

If this happens, please sign out and sign back into your EBMUD online account.