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EBMUD's Water Conservation programs are designed to help save water and money. 

These programs are available to all EBMUD customers. Select a rebate below for application and eligibility details.

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Lawn Conversion Rebate (Up to $2.00/sq. ft.)

Invest in long-term drought resilience by modernizing your garden with water-wise plants. Take advantage of our newly increased rebates to transform your lawn into a beautiful landscape.

CON-dripirrigation 360 by 1000

Efficient Irrigation Rebates 

Revamp your irrigation system with technology proven to reduce waste and increase efficiency, like drip irrigation, self-adjusting "smart" controllers, flow sensors and high-efficiency nozzles.

Landscape Design Assistance Program ($200)

Receive 2-hours of professional support from a landscape designer as you begin your lawn conversion, drip conversion, or landscape transformation process.

Flowmeter Rebate (Up to $200)

Don't wait two months for your next high bill. Use flow-sensing technologies to monitor your water use in real time and get immediate notifications of leaks.

Mulch and Compost Coupons (FREE)

Save water, beautify your garden, and enhance soil health with our coupons for mulch, redeemable at select local nurseries.

Graywater Rebate (Up to $50)

Put your laundry water to good use on your landscape and get a rebate of up to $50 for a graywater system 3-way diverter valve.

Water-Saving Devices (FREE)

Your faucets and showerheads might be wasting water. Find out if you qualify for water-saving devices by ordering our free Home Survey Kit.



For commercial customers only

These programs are only offered to our CII (commercial, industrial, institutional) and large multifamily customers.

Get an Extra $5K for Converting Turf! 

Commercial customers temporarily qualify for an additional $5k for converting non-functional turf through our lawn conversion rebate program.

New! Pilot Spring Irrigation Repairs Rebate

This pilot program for EBMUD commercial customers provides a rebate for repairing qualified broken irrigation equipment and/or leaks.


Pre-Rinse Spray Nozzles (FREE)

EBMUD will replace pre-rinse spray nozzles used for rinsing dishes with more efficient models that can save you water and money.


Customized Rebate (Based on savings)

Your business or institution may be eligible for a customized rebate for the purchase of equipment or hardware that improves water efficiency.


On-Bill Financing (Based on savings)

EBMUD pays for the up-front costs of water-saving upgrades and you repay over time on  your bill. The water savings will offset the repayment costs


Clothes Washer Rebate (Up to $125)

Replacing conventional clothes washers with high-efficiency models can cut water and energy use in half, saving money with every load.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! EBMUD rebates are available to both residential and non-residential customers. Select a rebate above to learn more about the specific eligibility details for that rebate program.

Rebates are issued as checks payable to the account holder and mailed to the billing address on file within two months of rebate approval. To request an alternate payee, submit a Payee Change Request Form for EBMUD approval. 

For residential customers applying for rebates that, individually or in combination total $600 or more in a tax year, EBMUD requires the submittal of a W-9 form from the person receiving the payment prior to payment. All personal information provided within the W-9 will be kept confidential in accordance with the Consumer Privacy Act and other applicable state and federal law.

If the total rebate amount is $600 or more in a single calendar year, you will be issued a 1099 form in accordance with Internal Revenue Service requirements. Most residential rebates are excluded from gross income by state law and are not subject to state income tax, but these rebates may be taxable income under federal law. The determination of whether the rebate may be subject to tax is dependent on several variables, and it is recommended that you contact a tax professional for further information.

During any 24-month period, the combined landscape rebate amount, for lawn conversion and irrigation upgrades, provided by EBMUD may not exceed $2,000 for residential and small multi-family properties (4 units or less), and $15,000 for commercial, municipal and large multi-family properties (greater than 4 units). You may apply for an additional rebate amount after the 24-month period has elapsed.