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Mulch and compost coupons

EBMUD and Contra Costa Water District have partnered with local nurseries, garden centers, and soil companies to offer discounts on organic mulch and compost. Download and print a coupon from the business of your choice listed below. Present the coupon at time of purchase.

Morgan's Home & Garden Coupon 2555 E. 18th Street Antioch
Stoneyard Masonry Coupon 805 Port Chicago Way Bay Point
Vision Recycling Benecia Coupon 1460 Goodyear Road Benecia
Brentwood Decorative Rock, Inc. Coupon 6745 Brentwood Boulevard Brentwood
Bill's Ace Hardware (valid at all East Bay locations) Coupon 4451 Clayton Road Concord
Sloat Garden Center and Topsoil (valid at all East Bay locations) Coupon

800 Camino Ramon

828 Diablo Road



Contra Costa Topsoil Inc. Coupon 5030 Imhoff Drive Martinez
MacAlvey's Nursery Coupon 5733 Alhambra Avenue Martinez
Broadway Terrace Nursery Coupon 4340 Clarewood Drive  Oakland
Broadway Terrace Nursery Coupon compost 4340 Clarewood Drive Oakland
Bee Green Recycling and Supply Coupon 725 Julie Ann Way Oakland
Grand Lake Ace Garden Center Coupon 4001 Grand Avenue Oakland
Yarrow Nursery Coupon 6250 Thornhill Drive Oakland
Yarrow Nursery Coupon compost 6250 Thornhill Drive  Oakland
McDonnell Nursery Coupon 196 Moraga Way Orinda
American Soil and Stone  Coupon  2121 San Joaquin Street, Building A Richmond
American Soil and Stone  Coupon - Compost 2121 San Joaquin Street, Building A Richmond
Evergreen Nursery Coupon 350 San Leandro Boulevard San Leandro
Evergreen Nursery

Coupon compost

350 San Leandro Boulevard San Leandro
Vision Recycling San Lorenzo Coupon 2477 Bauman Avenue San Lorenzo

What is mulch?

Mulch is made up of organic material like chipped wood and tree bark and is used to cover soil. A three-inch layer of mulch spread over bare soil will enhance the health of your garden. Benefits of mulch include the following: 

  • Increased soil moisture
  • Weed suppression
  • Moderated soil temperature, insulating plant roots against extreme temperatures
  • Reduced sun damage to irrigation equipment covered by mulch
  • Improved aesthetics

What is compost?

Compost is decomposed organic matter, often derived from urban plant debris and food waste. Compost is much finer in texture than mulch and can be applied topically, added to a plant's root ball, or added under mulch to amend soil. Benefits of compost include the following:

  • Increased plant growth
  • Reduced need for chemical fertilizers
  • Improved soil structure through the addition of beneficial bacteria and fungi
  • Improved soil water retention