Lawn to Garden Design Center

Step 1. Sheet Mulch

Sheet-mulching is a simple way to convert your lawn to a low-water garden

Lawn to Garden: Includes a how-to guide and materials list to start your project off right.

Mulch Coupons: EBMUD offers discounts at local suppliers for mulch, the key ingredient for retaining water and building healthy soil. 

Step 2. Choose your Plants

Several resources are available to help you choose qualifying low-water plants that thrive in Bay Area climates.

Plant Selection: Get help choosing climate-appropriate, low-water use plants. Check out this page for our plant book, garden designs and plant lists.

Plants to Avoid: List of high-water plants that will disqualify you from receiving a lawn conversion rebate.

Save Your Trees: Find out how to let the lawn go, not the trees.

Step 3: Choose Your Equipment

In-Line Drip: Drip irrigation delivers water slowly to a plants' roots, allowing the soil to absorb water rather than creating runoff onto the road or sidewalk. To receive a rebate, use qualifying in-line drip products with emitters built into the plastic tubing.

Sample Design Layouts: View ways to design a durable drip irrigation system into your landscape. 

High-Efficiency Nozzles: High-efficiency rotating and precision nozzles use less water on your lawn than conventional spray nozzles and can greatly improve irrigation system pressure and coverage.

Self-Adjusting Controllers: A smart controller turns your irrigation system on and off in response to local weather data or soil data, and adjusts your irrigation system daily - even while you're on vacation.

Video Gallery

Irrigation Makeover

Do your sprinklers need an upgrade? Consider converting to in-line drip irrigation — a more durable, water-efficient and low-maintenance option. Hundreds of customers are installing drip irrigation and cashing in on EBMUD rebates of up to $2,000. 

Control your controller

Learn how to adjust your irrigation controller to comply with EBMUD's outdoor watering restrictions.  


Benefits of mulch

Mulch helps soil retain moisture, stifles weeds and beautifies your garden.