Irrigation equipment rebate

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Efficient irrigation saves water while also keeping your plants healthy. 

Fix common irrigation problems with these upgrades to save you time and money.

How much are our rebates?

  • The maximum landscape rebate is $2,000 for residential and $15,000 for commercial, municipal, and large multi-family properties.
  • Rebates are limited to the purchase price on the original receipt or contractor's invoice (taxes and labor not included).
  • Rebate amounts vary depending on the type and quantity of equipment installed (see below for details).

How to apply

  • Step 1. Review the eligibility requirements below prior to purchasing equipment.
  • Step 3. Wait for EBMUD to contact you regarding your application status. If you need advice,  or are installing drip irrigation, do not install equipment until your application is pre-approved! 

After your application is approved

  • Step 1. EBMUD will send you an approval email outlining further information that is required to complete the rebate. 
  • Step 2. After you complete your project, submit the requested receipts/invoices, screenshots, and/or photos before your six-month deadline expires. A post-completion inspection may also be required. Irrigation equipment upgrade projects that are not completed before the six-month deadline will be denied.
  • Step 3. After you submit all the requested information and your rebate is approved, the rebate will be issued as a credit on your water bill. For residential customers, rebates $600 or more in a single tax year require submittal of a W-9 form.

When to install equipment

All approved rebate applicants have six months from their approval date to install equipment. 

Residential applicants can install equipment prior to EBMUD approval if all of the following criteria are met:

  • Total rebate amount does not exceed $200
  • Rebate project does not include drip irrigation conversion
  • Purchase of the equipment is within 90 days of the application submittal date
  • Photos of old equipment can be provided (see sample application for examples)

 All commercial projects, and drip irrigation conversion projects, require approval prior to installation. 

 Rebate eligibility and details

Smart Irrigation Controller

Replace an existing conventional controller with a smart, weather-adjusting controller to receive a $100 rebate. Receive an additional $20 for each additional active station over 12. Maximum rebate is $200 per controller for residential properties and $1000 per controller for commercial properties.


  • Create a watering schedule that automatically adjusts based on local weather and site conditions
  • Automatically shut off irrigation prior to or during rain events
  • With wifi-connected models, remotely access and change your irrigation schedule when you are away

Qualifying Installations

Non-qualifying Installations

Listed as a WaterSense-labeled controller Not listed as WaterSense-labeled controller
Replacing an existing conventional controller (photo required)  Installing a new controller, or replacing an existing smart controller
Serve at least two active irrigation zones Serve one or no active irrigation zones (e.g., hose bib timers)
Installed and programmed per manufacturer directions, receiving weather data Improperly configured controllers that are unplugged or do not receive daily weather data
Plants with different watering needs on separate irrigation zones Plants with different watering needs on the same irrigation zone (e.g., lawn and trees on same zone)
Soil moisture sensors (submit model to EBMUD prior to purchasing) Hose bib timers do not qualify

Spray To Drip Banner

Convert your spray irrigation to drip irrigation and receive up to $0.25 per square foot of drip installed.


  • Prevent water loss from wind, misting, and runoff
  • Apply water more efficiently in small, narrow, or steep areas
  • Deliver water directly and deeply into clay soils to reach entire root zones


Qualifying Installations

Non-qualifying Installations

EBMUD approval prior to installation

Installation started without EBMUD approval

Replace an entire existing overhead irrigation zone

Converted zone that includes more than one type of drip or overhead irrigation

Install per manufacturer directions and include pressure regulator and filter

Micro-spray and bubblers installed on drip line

Match emitter flow rate to soil type (e.g., 0.4 gph for clay soils)

Mismatched emitter rates (e.g., 2 gph on clay soil is too fast)

Convert spray to drip in shrub or tree areas

Convert spray to drip in lawn conversion rebate areas (this is already included in the lawn conversion rebate)

Install on surface and covered with mulch

Not recommended to install drip beneath the soil, unless specified by manufacturer

HE Nozzles

Replace conventional spray nozzles with high-efficiency rotating nozzles for up to $4 each


  • Larger water droplets prevent water loss from evaporation, over-spray, and wind
  • Apply less water at slower rates, allowing more time for water to soak into the soil and preventing runoff
  • Increase uniformity of water distribution (to prevent patchy or brown spots in lawn)

Qualifying Installations

Non-qualifying Installations 

Replace an entire irrigation zone of conventional sprinklers

Any converted irrigation zone with mixed sprinkler types in the same zone
On EBMUD’s qualifying list of high-efficiency nozzles Standard sprinkler nozzles not listed on EBMUD's list of high-efficiency nozzles
Installed per manufacturer directions and adjusted to minimize over-spray and ensure even coverage Retrofits that result in over-spray or do not achieve head-to-head coverage

Pressure Regulator Banner (2)

Install a pressure regulator for your entire irrigation system and receive 50% of the cost of the device up to $125. 


  • Reduce wear and tear on irrigation pipes
  • Prevent leaks and sprinkler blowouts 

Qualifying Installations

Non-qualifying Installations

Installed upstream of entire irrigation system or main line Installed downstream of entire irrigation system (on an individual valve)
Brass or bronze pressure regulator Plastic drip regulators (standard part of drip irrigation system)
Adjusted not to exceed optimal irrigation system requirements Improperly installed or adjusted pressure regulators

Irrigation Submeter Banner

Install a submeter on your irrigation system and receive 50% of the cost of the device up to $200. 


  • Wireless-enabled models alert you of leaks and other high water usage
  • Specific models can shut off your irrigation automatically when a leak is detected
  • Improve irrigation management by determining how much water is used at each station

Qualifying Installations

Non-qualifying Installations

Measures all irrigation water supplied by a mixed-use EBMUD water meter Measures any non-irrigation water supplied by a mixed-use EBMUD water meter
Includes a leak-detection feature or flow sensor Does not include a leak-detection feature or flow sensor

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