Free conservation items

It's easy to save water with free water-conserving items such as faucets, aerators, showerheads, and hose nozzles. Businesses may request free drought-related items to encourage their customers to conserve.

Devices Available 


Kitchen Faucet Aerators

Bathroom Faucet Aerators




Hose Nozzle

 Dye Tablets

 Shower Diverter





Pre-rinse Spray Nozzle


Business only:



Puddle Stopper's Handbook

Puddle Stoppers Handbook

To request devices/handbook 

  • If you are a resident, complete and return a Home Survey Kit worksheet. The survey will help to determine what devices are needed. You will be mailed the devices that you are eligible to receive.
  • If you are a multi-family property owner or a commercial entity, please email or call (866) 403-2683 to request devices. If you are requesting more than 10 devices, an in-person or virtual water use survey with a Water Conservation Representative is required.


Single-family accounts:

  • 1 kitchen faucet aerator
  • 2 bathroom faucet aerators
  • 2 showerheads
  • 1 hose nozzle
  • 1 handbook

Multi-family accounts:

  • 1 set per dwelling unit.
  • 1 lifetime distribution per account. If you have previously received devices for a property, you are no longer eligible for that property.
  • You must own the property or have the water account in your name.