Landscape Design Assistance

Ready to replace your lawn but not sure where to start? EBMUD's  Pilot Landscape Design Assistance Program rebates a two-hour visit with a landscape designer.

What is it?

A 2-hour session with a professional landscape designer to receive recommendations on plant choice, layout, and/or irrigation ideas for your landscape rebate project. You will pay the designer a $200 fee at the time of service and then be reimbursed by EBMUD upon successful completion of your landscape project. 


  • Participant must be approved for an EBMUD landscape rebate (lawn conversion or drip conversion).​
  • Participant must use an EBMUD approved Landscape Designer, listed below.


  1. Submit Design Assistance application to EBMUD, usually in conjunction with lawn or drip conversion rebate application. Wait for approval before contacting an approved designer. ​
  2. Review the list of approved EBMUD Professional Landscape Designers below and choose one that meets your needs.
  3. Schedule a two-hour landscape design consultation. We recommend completing the Landscape Design Questionnaire in advance to get the most out of the consultation. ​
  4. Pay the Landscape Designer the $200 fee at time of service and obtain a receipt. ​
  5. Submit the Landscape Designer receipts to or EBMUD P.O. Box 24055, MS 109 Oakland, CA 94623-1055.​ Reciepts can be submitted at time of consultation or at completion of rebate project.
  6. EBMUD will reimburse the participant the $200 design fee upon successful completion of rebate project.​

Approved landscape designers

Click here to download list of approved designers. See map for details on area(s) served.

Frequently asked questions


The design assistance visit will likely cover basic recommendations on plant choice, plant layout, and irrigation ideas for your site.

The visit will be tailored to your needs and your site. We cannot guarentee specific deliverables, rather the designer will work with you to provide the best support within the 2-hour time frame.

The designer is not expected to draw a detailed landscape plan, but should give you ideas to get started with your landscape rebate project.

We recommend completing the Landscape Design Questionnaire, found in the “resources” section below and sharing it with your designer.

Your designer may also request that you sketch a base map of your project area (see "how to draw a base map" below for instructions).

At minimum, think about garden styles you like and desired elements for your new garden. Gather images of gardens you like to show your designer. Also be ready to discuss your budget and how you plan to complete the project (DIY vs. hiring professionals).

No. The design assistance reimbursement is contingent upon the successful completion of the approved landscape rebate project. If you do not complete the project and submit required documentation, you will not receive reimbursement.

Yes. You are welcome to contract additional services with LDAP approved designers beyond the scope of the EBMUD program if mutually agreeable.

However, any services outside of the 2-hour design assistance are wholly seperate from the EBMUD program. Rates, scope, and terms must be decided between you and the designer directly. No reimbursement will be provided for such additional services.



Interested in joining as a landscape designer?

Please complete the Designer Application and Agreement and submit via email to We will review new applications on a rolling basis and will add new designers to the approved list periodically. Please reach out with any questions.