On-bill financing

OBF Graph Final.jpgSave water, energy and money

Ready to make some upgrades?  EBMUD’s new On-Bill Financing Program can help.  With On-Bill Financing, EBMUD pays for the up-front costs of water-saving upgrades such as high-efficiency toilets, urinals, or cooling towers, you repay over time, and the water savings offset the repayment costs.

Who can participate?

1. Multi-family properties (5 units or more)
2. Commercial properties
3. Schools

Getting started is easy

1. EBMUD conducts a free water assessment at the property
2. Customer chooses a contractor who provides a quote for the upgrades
3. EBMUD estimates utility savings and on-bill repayment
4. Contractor installs upgrades and bills EBMUD
5. Repayment added to customer's bill
6. Customer starts saving water and money 

Call today, space is limited: 510-287-1900

On-Bill Financing Success Stories

Learn more about how On-Bill Financing has helped properties save water and money.

Save even more

EBMUD's customized rebate program can work in conjunction with On-Bill Financing to bring down the cost of your project.

For further energy savings, multi-family properties may qualify for the BayREN Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancement (BAMBE) Program, which provides a $750 rebate per unit.