Customized rebates

This customer saved 600,000 gallons of water a year by using dry versus water-based lubricant processing.

This customer saved 600,000 gallons of water a year by using dry versus water-based lubricant processing.

EBMUD's Customized water conservation rebates encourage businesses and industries to be smart about water use, and help to offset the initial costs of installing water-saving hardware, equipment and systems.

Rebate amounts are calculated based on estimated water savings to ensure cost-effectiveness.  Rebates are good for purchases made January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021 and are not retroactive.


Customers classified by EBMUD as businesses, manufacturing, government facilities, and non-profit activities are eligible for a customized rebate.

Customers must participate in a water conservation survey that identifies water conservation measures and rebate opportunities, and submit a “Customized Rebate” application before starting improvements. EBMUD water conservation staff determines eligibility. The following program rules apply:

  • Technology must provide proven and reliable water-savings. For complex or untested measures, feasibility must be verifiable.
  • Volume of existing water use for the measure must be reliably estimated.
  • Expected water savings from the measure must also be reliably estimated.
  • Costs associated with the measure must be reliably estimated.
  • Implementation of a measure must reduce existing levels of water demand and/or future water demand for potable EBMUD water.

Conservation measures that are not eligible:

  • Rely primarily on behavior change (such as education or employee awareness programs) and do not involve the installation of water-saving hardware, equipment, or systems;
  • are routine maintenance procedures; or
  • are installed before application approval.

Rebate amount

Rebate amounts are calculated by EBMUD staff for each proposed conservation measure based on estimated water savings and a current rate of $0.75 cents per billing unit (100 cubic feet or 748 gallons) of water saved.

  • The payback period for each water conservation measure must be two years or more.
  • The actual rebate amount may incorporate an estimated project/measure life expectancy.
  • Rebates will not exceed half the cost of an approved measure.
  • Taxes and installation (labor) will not be rebated.

To participate

  1. Complete the application. Eligible customers must complete, sign, and submit the EBMUD application form below. EBMUD will review applications for completeness and will evaluate measures based on program criteria. Applications that require more information will be returned with comments attached.
  2. Mail or email application to:
    Water Conservation
    P.O. Box 24055, MS 109
    Oakland, CA 94623-1055

  3. EBMUD will schedule a water conservation survey with you. This free service, tailored to the size and nature of your business/site, determines estimated water savings, feasibility, and potential rebate amount.
  4. Sign and return a Participation Agreement. EBMUD will send approved applicants a notice of approval and a Participation Agreement indicating the rebate amount. A signed Participation Agreement must be returned to EBMUD. Rebate funds will be reserved for the duration of the Participation Agreement.
  5. Notify EBMUD of completion of project. Once an upgrade is completed, participant must submit copies of all receipts.
  6. Schedule installation inspection. EBMUD staff will conduct a brief site visit to verify satisfactory installation of the approved upgrades. For smaller rebates and simpler technologies, the installation inspection requirement may be waived.
  7. Receive your rebate. Once the above steps are completed, rebates will be issued in the form of a credit on the EBMUD water metered account(s). Rebate procedures and amounts are subject to change.

Note: The rebate application is a fillable PDF. Please fill it out, sign and mail or email it in.

Customized Water Conservation Incentive Application