New Service Installations

EBMUD's water infrastructure is designed to provide the best water for businesses and residents of the East Bay. If you are proposing construction of a new building, commercial site, new home(s), or want to change the size of your water meter, please contact EBMUD to request service.

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EBMUD New Business Office
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Our business hours are Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Application for Water Services

Apply for Standard Water Service

Applicants can request new domestic water service, and/or the construction of additional pipeline facilities to provide water service to a development.

Apply for Fire Service

Applicants for a private fire service for commercial and multi-family structures of five or more units must submit a "Fire Service Request for Available Flow and Pressure Information" form for the property to be served. EBMUD will perform a Maximum Day Demand Hydraulic Model Analysis of the water distribution system at the service location and provide flow and pressure information to guide fire service design. A water service estimate fee must be paid upon submittal. A dual service for both domestic use and fire protection is required for single-family residences or duplexes. Other multi-family residences and commercial buildings require a separate fire service.

Apply for Recycled Water Service

Recycled water is used for landscape irrigation and other usage. Please download the Non-Potable Water Service Application under Resources below to apply a for new recycled water service. For more information on EBMUD's recycled water projects, please visit the Recycled Water web page or call (510) 287-1631.

Water Service Regulations

New Water Service Regulations ensure wise water use, safe water supply, proper metering, fixing of leaky sewer pipes, and mitigation of contaminated soils. You will find information about Water Conservation Review, Backflow Prevention Program, Private Sewer Lateral Program Requirements, Contaminated Soils and Storm Water issues.


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Online Service Requests

We are pleased to offer online services for New Business applicants and the building developer community. Register to get an online cost estimate and receive up-to-date notifications about changes in rates and regulations governing new service.

Customer Survey

We respect your opinion and welcome your feedback about the services we provide you.  Please take a moment to complete our customer survey.