New water service costs defined

EBMUD charges and fees are described below. We will provide a final quote after receiving a completed application for service. Call EBMUD at 510-287-1008 to schedule an appointment to review your project. Let us help you avoid unnecessary delays.

Disclaimer: The charges and fees are presented only as guidelines for the estimates of costs. Final quotations will not be issued until an Application for Water Service is completed and approved. All applications for water service are subject to review and approval by EBMUD. All requests for preliminary estimates or quotations must include an address, accurate location of the parcel(s) to be served, and the proposed use of the premises. All charges and policies stated herein are subject to change as EBMUD's Schedule of Rates and Charges is amended with normal budget review cycles by EBMUD's Board of Directors.

Installation Fee

The installation fee pays for the cost of installing a service lateral and is based on water meter size. Installation fees are divided into paved and unpaved categories. The fees shown on this website for the installation of water services represent all fees associated with the installation of EBMUD equipment by District forces up to and including the meter box. It covers trenching, service laterals, meters, meter boxes, and standard paving. All work beyond the meter box, including the cost to separate plumbing and/or install house lines, is the responsibility of the property owner.

System Capacity Charge

The System Capacity Charge (SCC) pays for the applicant's share of capital facilities including those that serve the entire water system such as the aqueducts and raw water facilities, regional facilities such as treatment plants and distribution facilities, and future water supply upgrades needed to meet long-term increases in water demand created by new customers. When a larger meter is installed to provide fire protection capacity, the SCC is based on the meter size needed to meet domestic demand, not the actual size of the meter installed.

More information on the System Capacity Charge.

Wastewater Capacity Fee

A Wastewater Capacity Fee is collected if the property is located in Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, Piedmont, and Stege Sanitary District, which includes El Cerrito, Kensington, and Richmond Annex. The Wastewater Capacity Fee is based on the demands your project will place on the wastewater system. EBMUD will calculate this charge.

Front Foot Charges

If the main serving your parcel was paid for by a prior applicant, your costs may include additional charges based on the width of your property.

Contaminated Soils

You are responsible for costs associated with the sampling, analyses and disposal of contaminated soil or groundwater encountered during the installation of your service.

Account Fee

The fee to open a new customer account.

Annexation Fee

The administrative charge levied by EBMUD to process the annexation of your property to EBMUD's service area (if applicable).