System capacity charge

EBMUD continually improves the water supply and water distribution system to ensure reliable and secure water service for each new connection.

The System Capacity Charge (SCC) is a way to equitably fund the capital cost of the water system and pay for the cost of providing additional long-term water supply for new water service applicants. The charge is collected from all applicants who request a new water service connection or a larger water meter, and varies depending on geographic region.

The SCC pays for the applicant's share of the capital facilities including those that serve the entire water system such as the aqueducts and raw water facilities, regional facilities such as treatment plants and distribution facilities, and future water supply upgrades needed to meet long-term increases in water demand created by new customers.

How is the System Capacity Charge (SCC) calculated?

System Capacity Charge map

The amount of the SCC is based on the applicant's expected water use, which is determined by the location and type of service (e.g., single-family residential, multi-family residential, or non-residential), and the meter size or number of multi-family units to be served.

EBMUDs service area is divided into three principal regions defined by differences in water use and the relationship to necessary capital improvements. There are additional sub-regions in areas requiring construction of major facilities in addition to or significantly different from those included in EBMUDs distribution system master plan.

The New Business Office will determine the region for your property.

To determine an estimated SCC for your project, locate the general area of your project on the map and the associated region number. Then look up the cost by meter size and type of service under the corresponding region number in the chart below.

System capacity charge for standard service

Effective on July 1, 2022

Single Family Residential Accounts

Meter Size (Inches) Principal Regions Additional Regions
  1 2 3 3-C 3-D
3/4 $12,230 $19,400 $36,100 $108,310 $110,230
1 $17,380 $41,580 $55,260 $180,880 $184,080
1-1/2 $22,210 $53,590 $71,100 $361,760 $368,160

Commercial and Industrial Accounts

Meter Size (Inches) Principal Regions Additional Regions
  1 2 3 3-C 3-D
5/8 $15,840 $30,860 $33,890 n/a $110,230
3/4 $25,880 $44,170 $51,870 n/a $165,350
1 $49,250 $79,090 $92,390 n/a $276,130
1-1/2 $128,440 $224,530 $227,600 n/a $552,260

Multi-Family Premises, Dollars Per Dwelling Unit

  Principal Regions Additional Regions
  1 2 3 3-C 3-D

For each dwelling unit

500 square feet and under

$6,120 $8,780 $7,000 $41,790 $38,690

For each dwelling unit

over 500 square feet

$7,730 $11,090 $8,840 $41,790 $38,690

System capacity charges for larger meters

The SCC for non-residential service connections with meters larger than 2" and single family residential service connections with meters larger than 1-1/2” are based on water use information furnished by the applicant and determined by EBMUD on a case-by-case basis. The water use must be individually analyzed for applicants that require these larger meter sizes because of variation in average water use. The same cost components and criteria that apply to the SCC for smaller meters will be applied, and charges will be calculated based on the four components listed below.

Component Unit Charge ($/100 gpd)
Post -2000 (additional Regions 3-C and 3-D only) SCC Region Specific (see below)
Regional Facilities Buy-In SCC Region Specific (see below)
System-Wide Facilities Buy-In $3,665
Future Water Supply $943

Unit Charges for Components Specific to a SCC Region

Region Post-2000 Component Regional Facilities Buy-In Components
1 n/a $1,830
2 n/a $4,632
3 n/a $2,760
3-C $7,353 $2,263
3-D $7,353 $2,263

Adjustments for dual services and low pressure services

Adjustments are made for low-pressure services and residential fire services. When a larger meter is installed (upon EBMUD approval) to compensate for low-pressure or to provide fire protection capacity, the System Capacity Charge is based on the meter size needed to meet domestic demand, not the actual size of the meter installed.

Example: The SCC for a 1-1⁄2˝ dual service meter installed to provide fire protection and domestic supply for a residence with a domestic demand of 30 gallons per minute (3⁄4˝ meter) in Region 1 would be $12,230 (Residential SCC Region 1, 3⁄4˝ meter).

Credits for existing meters

SCC credits are generally given when the size of an existing meter is increased, or when one or more meters are replaced with new services on the same premises. If a SCC was previously paid on the service to be replaced or increased, the SCC credit is based on the meter size used to calculate the initial SCC payment for that service or the number of dwelling units supplied by that service. This amount is credited towards the SCC for the new service connection(s) including when additional dwelling units are constructed to a single-family premises to offset the SCC applicable for each additional dwelling unit. For instances where the existing or prior services were installed prior to 1983 and no SCC was paid, the SCC credit for meter sizes under 2" will be based on Sections A.1 and A.2-SCC for Standard Service. Note: No cash credits or refunds are given. The SCC credit remains with the property and is not transferable to other premises.

Example: An owner of an office building in Oakland wants to increase an existing 1˝ meter to 1-1⁄2˝. Per tables below: Commercial SCC Region 1, 1-1⁄2˝ meter ($128,440) minus credit for existing commercial SCC Region 1, 1˝ meter ($49,250) = $79,190 SCC.

Disclaimer: These charges and fees are presented only as guidelines for the estimates of costs. Final quotations will not be issued until an Application for Water Service is completed and approved. All applications for water service are subject to review and approval by EBMUD. All requests for preliminary estimates or quotations must include an address, accurate location of the parcel(s) to be served, and the proposed use of the premises. All charges and policies stated herein are subject to change as EBMUD's Schedule of Rates and Charges is amended with normal budget review cycles by EBMUD's Board of Directors.