Applying for water service with an existing main

The information below describes how to apply for a new water service when your property fronts on an existing main.

Disclaimer: Applicants for new water service will find this information helpful to understand the process of applying for a new water service. These charges and fees are presented as guidelines for cost estimates. Final quotations will not be issued until a properly completed application is submitted and required Water Service Estimate fees are paid. All applications for water service are subject to review and approval by the District. All requests for preliminary estimates or quotations must include an address, accurate location of the parcel to be served, and the proposed use of the premises. Availability of an existing main, unusual installation conditions and contaminated soil conditions may increase your final cost.

Applying for new water service with an existing main

STEP 1: Applicant completes water service application packet

Please provide:

  • Applicant and owner contact information
  • Address and parcel number of property to be served
  • Number of meters required
  • Size of service required or total flow required (in gallons per minute/gpm)
  • A $369 non-refundable Water Service Estimate fee if the water meter is larger than two inches. Please contact the New Business Office for further submittal requirements for meters larger than two inches.
  • Building permit number or grading permit number
  • Name, address and telephone number of plumbing and fire service contractor
  • Water Demand and Efficiency - The Water Demand and Efficiency Worksheet helps EBMUD determine the domestic demand for your property. A dual service has a larger meter than a standard domestic service to meet the flow demand for fire protection.
  • Hydrant/Fire Service Requirements form, signed by the local fire marshal
  • Application for Dual Service, completed and signed by the local fire marshal (if required)
  • Applicant Checklist
  • Site Plan with meter location shown
  • Existing site environmental data (if available)
  • Water Efficiency Requirements Checklist - EBMUD works with new customers to help ensure a reliable water supply for the next generation. To support water conservation goals, water service will be furnished to applicants for new or expanded service only when all applicable water-efficiency measures are installed at applicant expense.

Apply online at

STEP 2: EBMUD provides cost estimate

EBMUD calculates cost of water service(s) and sends estimate to applicant.

STEP 3: Applicant remits payment

Applicant pays total fee either in person or by mail. The applicant must pay all charges before the job will be scheduled. Please call 510-287-1008 to schedule an appointment to pay in person.

STEP 4: EBMUD obtains permit

EBMUD applies for either a city, county or state encroachment permit for street work at your site.

STEP 5: EBMUD installs meter

After receiving the encroachment permit, EBMUD schedules the meter installation.

Service size

The Meter Size Worksheet found in the Application for Water Service Package is used to help EBMUD determine your new meter size.

If a service for both domestic use and fire protection is required, the System Capacity Charge (SCC) will be based upon the meter size necessary to meet domestic requirements only. A Dual Service Application must be completed and signed by the fire marshal.

Your contractor or a qualified plumber should be consulted regarding your particular service requirements.

Installation time

Installation of your water service will be completed approximately six to eight weeks after EBMUD receives full payment and the approved encroachment permit. Note: Installation time is contingent on District work load, project size and site conditions. During peak season, completion schedule may be impacted.


The cost of service depends on the size of the water meter, type of service and location of the property. The total cost will be the sum of the following:

  • Installation Fee
  • System Capacity Charge
  • Wastewater Capacity Fee*
  • Front Foot Charges*
  • Contaminated Soils*
  • Account Fee
  • Annexation Fees*

*When applicable

More information about new water service costs.

Installation fees

  • Single Meter - The installation fee covers the cost of installing a standard service and is based on the water meter size.
Lateral Size - One meter per lateral Unpaved Paved
1" $5,681 $10,483
1-1/2" $10,635 $17,317
2" $10,635 $17,317
4" $25,868 $37,365


  • Multiple Meters on one lateral (branch services) - Branch services are allowed for customers if two or more meters will be installed to serve structures on the same premises. Each lot must have its own individual service. Multiple meters larger than 1" may not be served by a branch service.
Two or more meters per lateral Number of meters Unpaved Paved
5/8" 2 $6,339 $11,141
5/8" 3 $11,019 $17,700
5/8" 4 $11,676 $18,357
5/8" 5 $12,334 $19,015
5/8" 6 $12,991 $19,672
5/8" 7 $13,649 $20,330
5/8" 8 $14,307 $20,988
1" 2 $10,361 $17,042
1" 3 $11,019 $17,700
1" 4 $11,676 $18,357


Sample calculation

The cost to install a Dual Service meter (1-1/2" tap and lateral with a 1" meter) to serve a single-family residence under paved conditions in West Oakland would be calculated as follows:

Installation Fee $17,317

System Capacity Charge
(SCC Region 1, 3/4" domestic demand)

Wastewater Capacity Fee $3,170
Account Fee $67
Total $33,834


System capacity charge

The System Capacity Charge pays for the applicant's share of capital facilities including those that serve the entire water system.

New water service regulations

The following regulations are associated with new water service and should be reviewed prior to submitting your application:

  • Water Conservation Review
  • Backflow Prevention Program
  • Requirements for Buildings of Three Stories or Less
  • Private Sewer Lateral Program
  • Contaminated Soils

More information regarding Regulations.

Scheduling appointments

Contact EBMUD to schedule an appointment if you have questions about your project. Let us help you avoid unnecessary delays.

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