Applying for water service along with a new main extension

This procedure pertains to applicants requesting new water service and a new main extension. This often applies to new developments.

Disclaimer: Applicants for new water service will find this information helpful to understand the process of applying for a new water service. These fees and charges are presented only as guidelines to estimate cost. Final quotes will not be issued until an "Application for Water Service Laterals in a Subdivision" has been completed and approved. All applications for water service are subject to review and approval by EBMUD. All requests for preliminary estimates or quotations must include an address, accurate location of the parcel to be served, and the proposed use of the premises. Availability of an existing main, unusual installation conditions and contaminated soil conditions may increase your final cost.

Applying for New Water Service Along with a New Main Extension

STEP 1: Applicant provides:

  • Applicant and/or name of owner and mailing address
  • Written request for size, type and number of laterals and meters to be installed, including flow (in gallons per minute)
  • List of street addresses with corresponding lot numbers
  • 1" - 100' scale site plan showing meter locations, lot numbers and driveway locations
  • Water Demand and Efficiency Form
  • For Dual Services, completed Hydrant/Fire Service/Dual Service Requirements form signed by the local Fire Marshal 

Apply online at

STEP 2: EBMUD completes Application for Water Service Laterals in a Subdivision and provides quote within 2 to 4 weeks.

STEP 3: Applicant must:

  • Sign and return the Application for Water Service Laterals in a Subdivision
  • Pay the installation charge for the tap and laterals. Note: Payment for the System Capacity Charge (SCC), Wastewater Capacity Fee (if applicable), and Account Fee can be paid now or when meters are requested

STEP 4: EBMUD prepares work orders and schedules installation of service laterals after new water main is placed in service.

STEP 5: Applicant must:

  • Pay outstanding fees when meters are requested and provide any required documentation for setting and sizing the meters.

STEP 6: EBMUD prepares work orders and schedules installation of the meters approximately 3 to 10 business days after fees and paperwork are received, and all necessary reviews and approvals are completed.

Service size

The Meter Size Worksheet is required in order for EBMUD to determine your new meter size(s).

For any new single family residential construction, a service for both domestic use and fire protection (dual service) is required. The System Capacity Charge (SCC) will be based on the meter size needed to meet domestic demand only, not on the actual size of the meter installed. An Application for Dual Service must be completed and signed by the Fire Marshal. Please reference Applying for Dual Service for Single-Family and Duplexes for more information.

Installation time

Service laterals - After the new main is in service, installation of your new tap and laterals will generally be scheduled in approximately 2 to 6 weeks after EBMUD receives:

  • payment for installation
  • completed Application for Water Service Laterals in a Subdivision
  • site plans (1" to 100' scale) with meter locations marked
  • list of addresses with corresponding lot numbers

Note: Installation time is contingent on District work load, project size, and site conditions. During peak season, completion schedule may be impacted.

Meters - Applicants are responsible for providing a written request including the lot numbers and addresses, and for paying remaining fees when they are ready for meters to be installed. Note: Applicants must uncover and clear meter boxes of construction materials before EBMUD installs meters.


The cost of service depends on the size of the water meter, type of service, and location of the property. Installation fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change. The total cost includes:

  • Installation Fee
  • System Capacity Charge
  • Wastewater Capacity Fee*
  • Account Fee
  • Front Foot Charges*
  • Additional fees due to altered field conditions*

*When applicable

View more information about new water service costs.

Installation fees with new main extensions 

Single meter (one meter per lateral) - The installation fee covers the cost of installing a standard service and is based on the service size and whether or not pavement exists.

Lateral size Unpaved Paved
1" $5,145 $9,499
1-1/2" $9,135 $15,244
2" $9,135 $15,244
4" $23,716 $34,310


Two or more meters on one lateral (branch services) - Branch services are allowed for customers if two or more meters will be installed to serve structures on the same premises. Each lot must have its own individual service.
Meter size Number of meters Unpaved Paved
5/8" 2 $5,526 $9,880
5/8" 3 $8,885 $14,995
5/8" 4 $9,266 $15,376
5/8" 5 $9,647 $15,757
5/8" 6 $10,028 $16,138
5/8" 7 $10,409 $16,519
5/8" 8 $10,790 $16,900
1" 2 $8,504 $14,614
1" 3 $8,885 $14,995
1" 4 $9,266 $15,376


System Capacity Charge

The System Capacity Charge pays for the applicant's share of capital facilities including those that serve the entire water system and is based on meter size and/or domestic demand and location of property being served (Region).

Cost adjustment for applicant assisted installations

If an Applicant's project includes 15 or more service laterals in the same subdivision, they may provide their own trenching and backfilling, and be eligible to receive a refund up to $540 per service lateral. Applicants must meet the following conditions in order to receive a refund:

  • Pay the appropriate charge for each service.
  • Clear the construction site of materials and equipment which may obstruct EBMUD access.
  • Excavate a minimum of 15 service laterals ahead of EBMUD crews.
  • Haul sand and select backfill to the construction site for use by EBMUD crews in supporting service laterals and for applicant backfilling of trenches.
  • Backfill and compact trenches after EBMUD crews have installed and properly secured the service lateral.
  • Reimburse EBMUD for crew standby time if applicants fail to prepare site, excavate trenches in advance, or for costs to repair damage done by applicant's trenching operation.

Sample calculation

The cost to install one 1-1/2” tap and lateral and 1" dual service meter with a main extension, prior to any paving of roadways, to serve a new single-family residence in West Oakland would be calculated as follows:

Installation fee $9,135
System Capacity Charge
(SCC Region 1 - based on 3/4" domestic demand)
Wastewater Capacity Charge $2,950
Account Fee $63
Total $24,378


Applicant pays all service costs in full at the time new service is requested. However, Applicant may elect to defer payments of certain charges as shown below until the meter is requested. The amount due is determined by the Schedule of Rates and Charges in effect on the date the service and meter are requested and when payment is received.

  • Laterals: To facilitate construction, the applicant may pay installation charges for taps and laterals when new service is requested, before the roadway is paved.
  • Meters: If meters will be installed later, the System Capacity Charge, Wastewater Capacity Fee (if applicable) and Account Fee can be deferred until meters are requested. Payment of all outstanding fees is required when meters are requested.

NOTE: If paving is completed before taps and laterals are installed, EBMUD will collect the paved cost of installation on an existing main.

New water service regulations

View information regarding regulations associated with new water service:

  • Water Conservation Review
  • Backflow Prevention Program
  • Requirements for Buildings of Three Stories or Less
  • Private Sewer Lateral Program
  • Contaminated Soils
  • Residential Fire Sprinklers (Dual Services)

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