Regulations Governing Water Service ensure wise water use, safe water supply (backflow prevention), proper metering, fixing of leaky sewer pipes, and mitigation of contaminated soil. Below are the most common regulations associated with installation of new water service.

For more information call 1-866-40-EBMUD (1-866-403-2683).

Water conservation review

EBMUD works with new customers to help ensure water supply for the next generation. To support water conservation goals, water service will be furnished to applicants for new or expanded service only when all applicable water-efficiency measures have been installed.

Applicants requesting water service must supply plumbing and landscaping plans for review and approval from EBMUD's Water Conservation Division.

Water service shall not be furnished to any applicant for new or expanded service unless all applicable water-efficiency measures are installed as described in Section 31 of the Regulations Governing Water Service to EBMUD Customers - Water Efficiency Requirements, at applicant expense.

Backflow prevention program

A backflow prevention assembly may be required on your service per Section 26 of the Regulations Governing Water Service - Protection of Public Water Supply. EBMUD will help you determine if a hazard exists that requires installation of an approved backflow prevention assembly after the meter. Please call (510) 287-0874 to schedule an appointment with a Backflow Inspector/Cross-Connection Control Specialist. For more information, see Backflow Prevention.

Private sewer lateral program requirements

To protect San Francisco Bay, the East Bay Regional Private Sewer Lateral Program requires EBMUD wastewater customers in Emeryville, Piedmont, Oakland and Stege Sanitary District (El Cerrito, Kensington and Richmond Annex) to obtain a Compliance Certificate showing that their sewer lateral is free of leaks when changing meter size. The work order will be processed only after an inspection is complete and a Compliance Certificate or an Exemption Certificate is obtained.

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Contaminated soils

Before EBMUD excavates for a new service or main extension, crews determine if groundwater will be encountered during excavation and whether the soil or groundwater is contaminated. Applicants should submit any known information regarding site soil and groundwater conditions when they apply for new water service.

If EBMUD determines that sampling is necessary to adequately characterize soil and groundwater conditions, the applicant will be responsible for the cost of sampling and analyses unless no evidence of contamination is found. The applicant will also be responsible for increased disposal costs of hazardous materials due to the presence of groundwater in the maximum trench depth or due to contamination of soil. If the contamination threatens drinking water quality, water distribution pipeline or appurtenances, or worker health and safety, the applicant may be required to remediate the site before water services are installed.

Storm water

During a construction project, projects of any size are required to include efforts to prevent contamination of storm water runoff. If projects disturb an area of one acre or greater, developers are required to submit forms to the State Water Resources Control Board and must prepare a Storm Water Pollution prevention Plan for the site. EBMUD requires a copy of the Notice of Intent (NOI) receipt to verify that applicants are in compliance with these regulations.