Applying for a private fire service

Applicants requiring a dedicated private fire service for commercial and multi-family structures must submit a Fire Service Request for Available Flow and Pressure Information form for the property to be served.  For private fire services, there shall be no charge for water used through such services extinguishing accidental fires, but any water lost through leakage or used in violation of the District's Regulations shall be paid for at the rate for general use, and may be subject to a penalty as may be established by the District.

Disclaimer: Applicants will find this information helpful to understand the process of applying for a private fire service. The charges and fees are presented only as guidelines for cost estimates. All requests for preliminary cost estimates must include an address and accurate service location. Final quotations will not be issued until a properly completed application is submitted, reviewed and approved by EBMUD. Availability of an existing main, unusual installation conditions and contaminated soil conditions may increase your final cost.

Apply for a private fire service

Step 1: Applicant submits online Fire Service Request for Available Flow and Pressure Information form. A $369 water service estimate fee must be paid upon submittal. For more details, see Water Pressure and Hydrant Flow Information.

Step 2: EBMUD determines available flow and pressure (hydraulics)

EBMUD will complete a hydraulic analysis of the water distribution system at the service location and provide flow and pressure information to use in the design of the fire service.

Step 3: Applicant completes the Water Service Application.  

Document Type Size
Backflow Prevention Fact Sheet PDF <1 MB

Please provide this information for the Water Service Application:

  • Applicant and owner/billing name, mailing address, phone number and email
  • Address and parcel number of property to be served
  • Building or grading permit number
  • Fire service contractor's name, address and phone number
  • Size and number of services
  • Site plans showing fire service size and location, completed and signed by local fire marshal
  • Hydrant/Fire Service/Dual Service Requirements form, completed and signed by local fire marshal
  • Applicant Checklist
  • Existing site environmental data (if available)
  • EBMUD available flow and pressure data results
  • Completed Statement of Design Criteria signed by fire sprinkler designer

Apply online at


Step 4: EBMUD provides quote

EBMUD calculates the cost of the services(s) and forwards to applicant the Private Fire Service Agreement.

Step 5: Applicant makes payment

Applicant returns signed agreements and pays full installation fee by mail or in person. Applicant may call (510) 287-1008 to schedule an appointment to pay in person.

Step 6: EBMUD prepares work orders (1 to 3 weeks)

EBMUD prepares work orders and processes payment. EBMUD applies for either a city, county or state encroachment permit for street work at the site.

Step 7: EBMUD installs meter (4 to 6 weeks)

After completion of work orders and receipt of the encroachment permit, EBMUD schedules the service installation.

Step 8: Fire service turned on

Applicant and/or their contractor contacts the local fire marshal and EBMUD's Backflow Prevention Unit at (510) 287-0874 to set up an appointment to turn on fire service.


The cost to install the fire service depends on service size and conditions at the site. The total cost will include:

  • Installation fee
  • Contaminated soils remediation and disposal (if required)
  • Account Fee

More information about new water service costs.

Installation Fee

The basic installation fee includes the cost of installing the fire service, meter box, fittings, and connection to existing water main under normal conditions and is subject to change. For services four-inches or larger, the fee also includes installation of a detector check meter. Services ten-inches or larger are installed at actual cost.

Service Size (Inches) Flow (in gallons per minute) Paved Unpaved
4 600 $28,729 $18,136
6 1350 $29,534 $18,941
8 2340 $29,534 $18,941

Sample calculation

The cost to install one four-inch fire service to serve an apartment building might be calculated as follows:

  Unpaved Paved
Basic Installation Fee $18,136 $28,729
Account Establishment Fee $63 $63
Total $18,199 $28,792

Hydrant/fire service requirements

  • The local fire marshal may require the installation of a public fire hydrant with the new private fire service. A Hydrant/Fire Service Requirements form must be completed by the local fire marshal and submitted with your application package. If a fire hydrant is required, you should have the fire marshal mark the location of the hydrant on the signed site plan.
  • Fire services are installed either inside the curb or behind the sidewalk. They are NOT installed at or inside the property line.
  • If you install the fire line before the fire service is installed, we recommend staying 10 feet back from the proposed point of connection to facilitate the tie-in.
  • A service for both domestic use and fire protection (dual service) may be granted for single-family residences or multi-family residences as approved by the fire marshal. Other multi-family and commercial buildings require a separate dedicated fire service.

New water service regulations

View information regarding regulations associated with new water service:

  • Backflow Prevention Program
  • Contaminated Soils

Backflow prevention

A backflow prevention device is required for a fire service. For assistance with specific technical issues or for help in determining what type of backflow prevention device is required, please contact our Backflow Prevention Unit at (510) 287-0874 or visit our webpage at Backflow Prevention.


Scheduling appointments

Contact EBMUD to schedule an appointment if you have questions about your project. Let us help you avoid unnecessary delays.

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