Applying for a public fire hydrant

It is critical that fire hydrants provide adequate water flow if there is a fire. Please follow the process below to request installation of a public fire hydrant in a new development.

Disclaimer: Applicants will find this information helpful to understand the process of applying for a public fire hydrant. These charges and fees are presented only as guidelines for the estimate of costs. Final quotations will not be issued until a properly completed application is submitted and required Water Service Estimate fees are paid. All applications for public fire hydrants are subject to review and approval by the District. All requests for preliminary estimates or quotations must include an accurate location of the hydrant to be installed. Availability of an existing main, unusual installation conditions and contaminated soil conditions may increase your final cost.

Apply for a public fire hydrant

Step 1: Applicant completes Hydrant/Fire Service/Dual Service Requirements Form, and delivers to local fire marshal for approval.

Please provide:

  • Hydrant/Fire Service Requirements form, completed and signed by local fire marshal
  • Site plan showing location of proposed hydrant, approved and signed by local fire marshal
  • $369 water service estimate fee

Applicant applies online at

Step 2: EBMUD determines available flow and pressure (hydraulics)

  • EBMUD reviews the application.
  • EBMUD completes a hydraulic model analysis of the water distribution system at the proposed hydrant location to determine if the required fire flow is available.

Step 3: EBMUD provides cost estimate (4 to 6 weeks)

EBMUD calculates the cost of the hydrant installation and forwards to applicant with Fire Hydrant Application.

Step 4: Applicant returns signed fire hydrant agreements with full payment

Step 5: EBMUD prepares work orders (4 to 6 weeks)

  • EBMUD processes payment and prepares work order.
  • EBMUD submits final design to fire marshal for approval.
  • EBMUD applies for either a city, county or state encroachment permit for street work at your site.

Step 6: EBMUD installs hydrant (4 to 6 weeks)

After completing the work order and receiving the encroachment permit, EBMUD schedules and completes the hydrant installation.


The cost to install the public fire hydrant depends on site conditions. The total cost includes:

  • Installation fee
  • Contaminated soils remediation and disposal (if required)

Installation Fee

The installation fee covers the cost of installing the fire hydrant under normal conditions and is subject to change.

Type of Installation Cost
New hydrant in pavement $32,517
New hydrant in dirt $21,021
Removal of existing hydrant $4,354
Hydrant setback/offset not requiring a new connection to the main $10,874

Hydrant and fire service requirements

  • A Hydrant/Fire Service Requirements form must be completed by the local fire marshal specifying number of hydrants and the flow required.
  • After installation is complete, the hydrant becomes the property of EBMUD. Any future maintenance of the hydrant will be the responsibility of EBMUD.

New water service water regulations

View information regarding regulations associated with new water service.

Scheduling appointments

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