Fire service pressure and flow information

EBMUD is committed to providing reliable, available pressure and water flow for all customers. Water pressure typically ranges from 30 to 130 pounds per square inch depending upon the elevation of a customer's service connection in a particular pressure zone. Most of EBMUD's more than 130 pressure zones include one or more treated water storage tanks. Water flow is primarily determined by the size of a customer's service connection and the water pressure at that connection.

Please read carefully before you proceed with a flow and pressure request to prevent delays in receiving your results.

General Pressure Information Requests

You may request pressure information for general inquiries, irrigation services, insurance assessments, or to report a water pressure problem by using the Water Pressure Information Request online form or by calling 1-866-403-2683. You may also request this information for the installation of fire sprinkler systems to be served through a dual service (i.e., a combination domestic and fire service, where a dedicated private fire service is not required). These requests are considered non-emergencies and will be responded to in 15 business days.

For dedicated fire services or existing public hydrants, please proceed to the next section.

Flow and Pressure Information for Dedicated Private Fire Services or Existing Public Hydrants


You may request water pressure and flow information for the installation of dedicated fire services for fire sprinkler systems or existing public hydrants by using the online Fire Service Flow and Pressure Request form. The fee is $369 for the flow and pressure request using hydraulic modeling analysis. EBMUD will conduct a hydraulic modeling analysis at the connection point(s) to determine the available flow and pressure at your project site for fire sprinkler needs (e.g., for design or redesign of a new or existing dedicated private fire service), and will provide available flow and pressure for existing public hydrants. This information will be emailed to you with a Statement of Design Criteria in approximately 10 business days. The Statement of Design Criteria must be completed by your fire sprinkler contractor and submitted with your fire service application. Flow and Pressure data is valid for one year after the results are issued. You will need to reapply after the expiration date. You may request up to three possible connection points with a project site for the dedicated private fire service or the public hydrant(s) closest to the project site. Connection points for the dedicated private fire service must front the property. Additional connection points require a separate request and fee payment. A connection point is measured from the centerline of the nearest cross street to the front of the property where the fire service is connected to EBMUD's water line.

NOTE: This is not a fire service application. You must also complete the online Water Service Application to apply for the fire service after you obtain the flow and pressure data at

View more information about applying for a private fire service, or contact EBMUD's New Business Office at 510-287-1008 or email