Irrigation success stories

Blackhawk - an irrigation success story

Well managed landscapes can save you water and money

Water use in the landscape -- and implementing water saving irrigation measures -- varies with each business and irrigation customer.

EBMUD works closely with large landscape irrigators to help them reduce water use in ways that work for them. EBMUD thanks each one for their dedication to water conservation. EBMUD offers rebates, technology and training to all customers to help them save water and lower their water bills.

Blackhawk Homeowners Association, Danville

Blackhawk is a beautiful community in Danville with more than 2,000 homes. Landscaped roadsides, medians, turf athletic fields, and parks make up the 24 acres of common areas within Blackhawk. In 2003, Community Manager Mark Goldberg researched new irrigation controller technologies to reduce water used to maintain these open spaces. The Blackhawk Homeowners Association Board of Directors decided on the Calsense Water Management System and installed the first controller in 2004.

There are now more than 50 controllers on site. Working with EBMUD, Blackhawk dropped the amount of water used for irrigationby 25 million gallons. How? They removed narrow lawn areas and replaced overhead spray sprinklers with in-line drip irrigation.

This is a great example of how to reduce costs and maintenance without sacrificing the beauty of a well-kept landscape.

How much water was saved?

Blackhawk HOA dramatically reduced the amount of water used for irrigation -- from 51 million gallons in 2004 to 26 million gallons in 2010. This is a savings of $45,000 in water costs alone. Adding in savings from reduced maintenance results in savings of millions of gallons and thousands of dollars for years to come.

To find out more about how these water savings were achieved, contact EBMUD at 1 (866) 403-2683 or contact:

Blackhawk Homeowners Association
Mark Goldberg, Blackhawk Community Manager
(925) 736-6440

More Success Stories

Listed below are more success stories that we hope will inspire other customers to find ways to reduce their own irrigation water use.

EBMUD recognizes these businesses and customers for their water conserving efforts. However, EBMUD makes no representation regarding these businesses or that similar water savings will be achieved at other sites.