Drink tap

Drink Tap Poster“Ahhhh!” at your tap 

Whether you’re young or just young at heart, a refreshing drink of water from your tap never gets old. The secret is in the source – pure mountain snowmelt from the Sierra foothills delivered straight to you 24/7. In a field of fizzy beverages and fruity flavored formulas, we know our great-tasting, high-quality water stands out from the crowd. So, take a drink from the sink East Bay.

Benefits of drinking tap

Healthy for your family

Most of EBMUD's water comes from the Mokelumne River watershed on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. This area is mostly national forest, EBMUD-owned lands and other undeveloped lands little affected by human activity. The Mokelumne watershed collects snowmelt, which flows into Pardee Reservoir before being transported by gravity to the East Bay. That water then travels to local water treatment plants and reservoirs. 

Before water reaches your tap, EBMUD takes many steps to ensure its quality. This includes: 

  • Managing and protecting watershed lands and reservoirs;
  • Treating the water, and maintaining that quality through our system of distribution pipes, pumping plants and reservoirs; and
  • Quality testing our water. EBMUD's laboratory constantly tests water samples to ensure they meet or surpass state and federal public health standards.

Lighter on your wallet

Your tap water costs only fractions of a penny per gallon, compared to the higher cost of bottled water.

Better for the planet 

You’ll reduce waste: More than 80 percent of recyclable plastic bottles end up in landfills each year.

Here for you 

For 95 years, EBMUD has proudly provided countless glasses of crisp mountain water to our East Bay community. It’s a history of reliable, great-tasting, high-quality water that we’re proud to serve today and for future generations.