Drought update

EBMUD moves out of drought 

With replenished reservoirs and snowmelt from an unprecedented Sierra Nevada snowpack still to come, EBMUD has moved out of drought and ended a recommendation for a 10 percent voluntary water use reduction, while continuing to urge customers to use water efficiently. EBMUD is retaining state restrictions against water waste, including no irrigation within 48 hours of rainfall, no irrigation of ornamental turf on non-residential sites, no irrigation runoff, no spraying sidewalks and driveways, and only allowing hoses with shut-off nozzles when washing vehicles.

The shift in drought status to a Stage 0 went into effect on April 25, 2023 and reflects EBMUD’s projections that its water supply is sufficient to meet customer demand.

We are thankful for customer efforts to save water during the drought. Your contributions helped save the equivalent of 10 billion gallons of water! As weather extremes become more frequent and intense, EBMUD also recognizes the need to make water conservation a part of daily life. Please visit ebmud.com/conservation for water-saving tips, rebates and other ways you can help us build a water conservation culture.  

See EBMUD's April 25, 2023 press release here


EBMUD water supply

EBMUD dams store our precious water supply and they're also used for regulating flows in the Mokelumne River. See information about water supply and reservoir releases for flood control here

Do your part

EBMUD has a number of resources to help you prepare for future droughts and make saving water a part of daily life. If you are already conserving as much as you can, thank you! If you can conserve more, get started with the suggestions below.

Visit WaterSmart center for conservation tips & rebates


Save water outdoors

Ensure your outdoor irrigation is efficient. EBMUD offers rebates and resources to upgrade your irrigation and make your landscape beautiful and resilient. Read more.

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Become a Super Saver indoors

Upgrade indoor fixtures and be water-wise to achieve Super Saver status. EBMUD offers a host of free conservation items. Read more.


Find and fix leaks

Toilets and irrigation leaks are the cause of most high water bills, and they often go undetected. Investigate your high bill to save water and money. Read more.

Water Report Portal

View personalized water use portal

Log in to see your own water consumption history, set up high use alerts, investigate high bills, and explore additional ways to save. Read more.

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Report water waste

Help your community save water by contacting us when you see water being wasted. We will investigate and follow up. Report here.

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For our commercial customers

Learn about regulations, incentives and resources for our commercial, industrial, institutional (CII) customers. Read more.

What EBMUD is doing

EBMUD has invested nearly $1 billion in public rate dollars to diversify and increase water supplies to weather multi-year droughts. Read more.

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Purchase of supplemental water

For two consecutive droughts, EBMUD has had the ability to purchase water from the Sacramento River and deliver it to the East Bay Area through the Freeport Regional Water Facility. Read more.


System improvements to repair leaks

EBMUD works around the clock to reduce leaks and water loss using innovative techniques and 24-hour main break repairs. Report a main break.

Gains through water conservation
A more cost-effective strategy to weather drought is to save water rather than build and operate additional infrastructure. EBMUD stretches our water supply with investments in conservation. Read more.

Long-term plans for future climates

EBMUD has evaluated 2020-2050 projections for water supply and demand and outlined actions to deal with future uncertainties. EBMUD has also created a water shortage plan for multi-year droughts. Read more.

Water Wednesday: Drought Update, 4/27/22

Drought declaration timeline

California declares drought
April 21, 2021 - California Governor Gavin Newsom proclaims a statewide drought emergency. Read more.

EBMUD declares drought
April 27, 2021 - Based on projections that water runoff from the Sierra Nevada Mountains into the Mokelumne River Watershed will not refill EBMUD reservoirs, which stood at 69 percent full, EBMUD Board of Directors declared a Stage 1 drought. Stage 1 calls for 10 percent customer conservation and executes contracts to purchase emergency water supplies from the Sacramento River. Read more.

Conservation kicks in, supplies come in
Fall 2021 - EBMUD customers reach targeted 10 percent conservation goals. Meanwhile, EBMUD executes a purchase for supplemental water supply from the Sacramento River. From October through March 2022, EBMUD brings 33,000-acre feet of water via the Freeport Regional Water Facility into the EBMUD system.

Winter 2021 - Despite some significant atmospheric rivers, precipitation falls short of expectations. Warm weather causes customers to increase water use, and fall short of conservation goals.

Drought year two
March 28, 2022 - After a largely-dry winter, California Governor Gavin Newsom issues an Executive Order calling for greater drought response. Read more.

April 1, 2022 - The final California snow survey reveals only 35 percent of average snow levels. Read more.

April 26, 2022 - EBMUD Board of Directors declared a Stage 2 Drought and mandated 10 percent water use reduction District-wide as compared to 2020 and review progress towards achieving this goal in November. Read moreLea más.  閱讀更多.

May 10, 2022 - EBMUD approves 8 percent drought surcharge to cover roughly half of the expected drought expenses. Read moreLea más.  閱讀更多.

July 1, 2022 – An 8 percent drought surcharge goes into effect. The surcharge helps EBMUD manage drought impacts including the purchase of supplemental water supply.

February 14, 2023 – EBMUD Board of Directors approves to scale back emergency drought response pending changes to California’s emergency drought status. 

March 1, 2023 – EBMUD ends 8 percent drought surcharge.

March 24, 2023 – Governor Gavin Newsom signs an executive order that eases state drought restrictions, no longer requires local agencies to implement level 2 drought contingency plans, and continues to ban wasteful water uses.

March 29, 2023 – EBMUD moves from a Stage 2 to Stage 1 drought status, suspends penalties for excessive water use and moves from 10 percent mandatory conservation to a 10 percent voluntary water use reduction. See the press release here.

April 5, 2023  – EBMUD moves out of drought, shifts its drought status from Stage 1 to Stage 0,  suspends 10 percent voluntary water use reduction, and retains state regulations that curb water waste. See the press release here.