My Water Report Program

Track your water, save money, and get leak notifications

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EBMUD offers a FREE online portal to track and analyze water use and water conservation tips. The online portal is available to all residential and non-residential customers. 

My Water Report includes:

  • Your water use over time
  • Instructions to find and resolve leaks
  • Water use alerts and leak notifications
  • Compares how much water your home uses with similar single-family households
  • Compares how much water your business uses currently versus historically
  • Manage water use for multiple accounts in one view (commercial/multi-family customers) 

Frequently asked questions 

To access your My Water Reports or change your email, go through the customer sign in at in the upper right hand corner.

Please follow the instructions that best fit your situation:

If you have an existing EBMUD Customer Login

  1. Click “Sign On” at
  2. Click “Manage Your Account” and enter your preferred email
  3. Check your email inbox for confirmation email and click on the activation link

If you no longer have access to your old email or have never signed in before

  1. Click “Sign On” at
  2. Click “Create an EBMUD ID”
  3. Enter your account number and last name or company name

For residential accounts, your home is compared to other households that have the same number of occupants and a similarly sized yard. Those households are throughout your service area, not just your immediate neighbors. 

If the number of occupants and yard size that we have in the system are not correct, you can change these characteristics by logging into your Customer Portal and updating your Household Profile to make these comparisons more meaningful.

For commercial accounts, your business' water usage is only being compared to its own historical water usage. Water usage at each business can vary and is difficult to compare to others due to factors like number of staff, patrons, production, etc.


Yes, the information in the report is based on your metered water use. Many people are surprised the first time they see their water use in gallons per day!

Yes, for single-family residential accounts you can change occupancy and landscaping characteristics.

For both residential and commercial accounts, you can customize when to receive leak notifications based off of percent increases in water usage.