Non-potable water

Tank at Lake Chabot Golf Course

A tank at Lake Chabot Golf Course stores untreated water from the lake for irrigation.

To stretch water supplies, EBMUD uses and supplies non-potable water for irrigation and water treatment processes.

Non-potable water is not treated to drinking water standards and is not meant for human consumption. Non-potable water, such as raw (untreated) water from reservoirs, is used for irrigation and other purposes, in addition to recycled water (highly-treated wastewater).

EBMUD reuses backwash water from EBMUD water treatment plants (since 1970) and uses untreated water from Lake Chabot to irrigate two golf courses (Lake Chabot Golf Course in Oakland and Willow Park Golf Course in Castro Valley).

These non-potable water applications amount to almost 2 million gallons per day of additional wise water use.