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Welcome to WaterSmart gardener, your go-to resource center for outdoor water conservation. Here you'll find incentives, tips, services, events, and more to help you create and maintain a water-efficient landscape at your home or place of business. 


Landscaping rebates

EBMUD offers a range of 6 types of rebates for your yard, from converting your lawn to installing drip irrigation.

Graywater rebates

Get a rebate of up to $50 for purchase of a graywater system 3-way diverter valve.

Garden grants

These grants support community organizations who create public gardens or urban farm projects that demonstrate water conserving principles.

Mulch discount coupons

Save water, beautify your garden, and enhance the health of the soil with the magic of mulch.


Irrigation Surveys

Water use evaluation, inspection and tests of irrigation, training in water efficient irrigation, and creation of your own personal water budget - they're all part of our on-site survey program.

Landscape Water Budgets

Water budgets compare your actual water consumption to water budget goals, help you become aware of leaks quickly, improve your outdoor water management, lower your water bill, and help you maintain a healthy landscape.

My Water Portal

Explore and track your outdoor water use, set up leak alerts, find customized tips to conserve, and more.

Landscape Advisory Committee (LAC)

EBMUD hosts a monthly meeting for a range of professionals related to sustainable landscaping and outdoor water conservation. Find out more.


Save water, and save trees!

Lawns across the East Bay are being transformed into beautiful, water-wise landscapes. EBMUD applauds these efforts, with one note of caution: let the lawn go, not the trees. Download our tree care during drought tip sheet, and find more information at saveourwater.com/trees.

Purchase EBMUD’s Plant Book 

Let EBMUD's beautiful, award-winning plant book, Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates, inspire you to do great things with your garden. View and search all of the plants from EBMUD’s plant book. Search by plant type (i.e. shrub, tree, perennial) or search by plant name, genus, or by generic garden terms, such as "flower" or "path."

Low Water-Use Plant List. A short-list of plants, most of them California natives, to get you started on creating your water-efficient garden.

California Plant Database

Search and create your own list of low water-use plants well-suited to the Bay Area's summer-dry climate.


Sustainable Landscape Map

Visit beautiful low-water use gardens around the bay for you to gather fresh inspiration.

Garden Gallery

Get inspired with photos from these WaterSmart gardens from around the East Bay.

Gardening Events

View EBMUD workshops, classes by cooperating community organizations, and other events.


Simple Watering Guide

Water your landscape like a pro with our easy watering schedule and check out how to avoid four common mistakes. 

Tips and Resources for Homeowners Associations

Rebates, services, tips, and more.

WaterSmart tips

Whether you want a quick fix or are committed to long-term conservation, find tips here.

Irrigation Makeover

Do your sprinklers need an upgrade? Consider converting to in-line drip irrigation — a more durable, water-efficient and low-maintenance option. Hundreds of customers are installing drip irrigation and cashing in on EBMUD rebates of up to $2,000

Control your controller

Learn how to adjust your irrigation controller to comply with EBMUD's outdoor watering restrictions.  


Benefits of mulch

Mulch helps soil retain moisture, stifles weeds and beautifies your garden.

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