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Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour - 2016

Northern California's premier garden tour showcasing inspiring examples of sustainable landscaping. Registration is now open. EBMUD is one of the tour sponsors.

Tools for Saving


This tool takes you through your home and landscape, shows you where you are using water, and where you can cut back.

My Water Report

Receive bi-monthly reports comparing your water use to similar households.

Home Survey Kit

Slow the flow in your house with EBMUD’s free kit. Includes dye tabs for detecting toilet leaks, a flow-meter bag and step-by-step instructions for you to better manage your home’s water use.


Report water waste

Have you seen water being wasted? Report water waste here.

Drought update

EBMUD has declared a Stage 4 critical drought and set a community-wide goal to reduce water use 20% compared to 2013. To achieve this goal, EBMUD adopted new water use rules that affect all customers. Learn about the new rules in effect.

Request a speaker 

Thank you for your interest in an EBMUD speaker for your event. Please allow 3 weeks advance notice for any request.

WaterSmart tips

Whether you want a quick fix or are committed to long-term conservation projects, find tips here.

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Irrigation makeover 

Do your sprinklers need an upgrade? Consider converting to in-line drip irrigation — a more durable, water-efficient and low-maintenance option. Hundreds of customers are installing drip irrigation and cashing in on EBMUD rebates of up to $2,500

Benefits of mulch

Called a gardener's best friend, mulch helps soil retain moisture, stifles weeds and beautifies your garden.

Control your controller  

Learn how to adjust your irrigation controller to comply with EBMUD's outdoor watering restrictions.  


Leaky toilets 

Toilet tanks and broken sprinklers are common culprits of household leaks. A few minutes is all you need to check for leaks in the most common places.