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Mulch saves water by reducing the rate of evaporation from the soil

Mulch program

EBMUD and Contra Costa Water District have partnered with local nurseries, garden centers, and soil companies to offer discounts on organic mulch. 

How can I receive my discount?

Download and print a coupon from the business of your choice listed below. 

What are the benefits of mulch?

Mulch is made up of organic material like shredded or chipped tree bark. A three-inch layer of mulch spread over bare soil will enhance the health of your garden in many ways, including:

  • Retention of soil moisture.
  • Moderation of soil temperature, insulating plant roots against extreme temperatures.
  • Suppression of water-stealing weeds.
  • Protection of drip irrigation equipment from sun damage.
  • Improvement of soil texture as the mulch breaks down.
  • Nourishment of beneficial soil organisms by the organic matter.
  • Beautification of your garden, filling open spaces and bare ground.


Mulch makeover video
Called a gardener's best friend, mulch helps soil retain moisture, stifles weeds and beautifies your garden.

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Download coupons

Download and print a coupon from the business of your choice listed below. Present it at time of purchase. Offer ends March 30, 2018.