Lawn conversion & irrigation upgrade rebates

Save water, lower your water bill, and earn rebates for landscape and irrigation equipment upgrades. EBMUD rebates are effective January 1, 2017. 

How much are the rebates?

Rebate amounts vary depending on square footage converted and type of equipment installed.

Up to $2,500*
for Residential and Multi-Family properties (with 4 units or less)
Up to $20,000
for Commercial and Multi-Family properties (5 units or more)

Terms and conditions apply to this offer. Please carefully review details in the brochure and application.

NOTE: Do not start your project before you receive written authorization from EBMUD. Projects that are completed before EBMUD approval DO NOT QUALIFY. Rebates are not retroactive.

All rebates that, individually or in combination, total $600 or more in a tax year require submittal of a W-9 form to the District prior to payment. All personal information provided within the W-9 are kept confidential in accordance with the Privacy Act. If your total rebate amount is $600 or more, you will receive a 1099 form to comply with Internal Revenue Service requirements. The determination of whether your rebate is taxable or not may depend on several variables. You are recommended to contact your tax professional.

Download the W-9 tax form at:

We offer six rebates. 

  1. Convert high water use lawns to sustainable landscaping.

  2. Convert sprinklers to drip irrigation.

  3. Replace conventional sprinkler nozzles with high-efficiency rotating models.

  4. Replace conventional irrigation timers with self-adjusting models.

  5. Install pressure regulators to improve system performance.

  6. Install sub-meters to improve leak detection and irrigation efficiency.

Qualifying residential homes, multi-family properties, and commercial and institutional landscape irrigators with a landscape that has been actively irrigation and maintained.

  • Lawn and drip conversions already completed.
  • Replacing lawn with high water-use and invasive plants.
  • Replacing lawn with artificial turf or plastic weed barrier
  • Replacing lawn with sod or "no-mow" grass.

Step 1:  Choose from our menu of six upgrades.

Step 2:  Submit your application. Carefully review details in the program brochure and application form. Send to or by mail.

Step 3:  Wait for EBMUD's written approval BEFORE beginning work.

Step 4:  Complete your project! You have 6 months from the written approval date to complete your project and schedule a post-inspection.

Step 5:  Contact us to schedule a post-installation inspection.

Application and Program Brochures

Choose your equipment 

Drip irrigation

High-efficiency nozzles 

Self-adjusting controllers


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The Benefits of Sheet Mulch

Coupons at Nurseries and Garden Centers

StopWaste Guide to Sheet Mulching

Get started: choose your plants

Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates. Our award-winning book with over 650 photos; a great resource for making your plant choices.

View and search. View all of the plants from our plant book with this searchable site managed by the book's photographer, Saxon Holt.

Plant Database. Find low and very low water-using plants using this tool created by the California Department of Water Resources.

Low Water-Use Plant List. This short-list of plants is a good place to start when planning your garden. It includes popular and hardy plants, many of which are California natives.

List of non-qualifying plants. Some plants do not qualify. Be sure to check this list before finalizing your plant list. 

Invasive plants. Some plants, while low-water use, dominate the landscape, compete with natives, and should not be propagated. 

California's rebate programs

EBMUD households may qualify for additional turf replacements rebates from the state. Learn about the additional incentives available, requirements, and how the state program works with EBMUD's program. 

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