A WaterSmart home saves water, energy and money on utility and landscape maintenance bills. It is also more sustainable by reducing the green house gas emissions from water pumping and heating!

Take advantage of our WaterSmart offerings, listed below.


My Water Portal

With your account number and zip code, you can log in to our interactive web portal to track your water history, set up leak alerts, and get customized recommendations.

Home Survey Kit

Request a free kit to be delivered to your house. The kit includes a worksheet, dye tabs, flow-meter back, and instructions on how to to search for the most common household leaks and inefficient fixtures.

Appointment Request

Please use this form to request an appointment with a water conservation representative.


Leaks and High Bills

If your water bill is higher than usual, you might have a leak. This homeowner's handbook is the first stop to solving and stopping high water bills.

WaterSmart Tips

Whether you are looking for quick and easy water saving tips, to making serious changes that can lead to conservation over the years, this is a great starting point.


Use this interactive calculator to learn how your home and landscape uses water, and find out where to cut back. 

Save like a Pro

How does your water use add up? In the East Bay, a typical family of 3 uses about 280 gallons daily indoors and out. If you’re interested in watching your water use shrink, take a look at this tips. 


WaterSmart Gardener

Over half residential water use in the East Bay goes to our gardens and landscapes. Visit WaterSmart Gardener for resources and services specific to outdoor landscaping.   

Landscape Rebate Program

Did you know that landscaping is behind the majority of water use for typical home? EBMUD provides rebates up to $2,000 to qualified customers for replacing their water-thirsty lawn with water-wise landscaping, and to upgrade to efficient irrigation equipment. 

Conservation services, rebates, tips for saving water, and recent legislation pertaining to HOAs and landscaping. 

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