Emergencies and alerts

If this is a water emergency please call
1-866-403-2683 any time.

Water emergencies may include: No water service, broken hydrants, main breaks, flooding in the street or other EBMUD water-related emergencies. Temporary water outages and traffic delays may occur when crews repair or replace a pipe or other infrastructure.

When repairs are made in your neighborhood, you may want to flush your home faucets. Once water service is restored, turn on your front hose bib – the outdoor faucet at the front of the house – until the water runs clear. Also run cold water from the faucets inside your home for 1-3 minutes until clear. Read more about what to do when EBMUD crews are in your neighborhood


Changes to taste and smell of water

EBMUD's Orinda Water Treatment Plant is now back online following the successful completion of critical upgrades.

Sierra mountain water is now coming back to the taps of many East Bay customers. As with similar operational changes throughout the year, customers may experience a difference in taste and smell as they receive the usual Mokelumne River source water.

EBMUD makes operational changes throughout the year to manage water supplies, adjust for customer water demands and to accommodate maintenance projects. Operational changes – when we shift deliveries from water supply sources or reservoirs – can occasionally change the taste and smell of your tap water.

Since the shutdown of the Orinda Water Treatment Plant last November, to ensure uninterrupted water delivery, customers west of the Oakland hills had received source water from our local Bay Area Reservoirs treated at the Sobrante, San Pablo and Upper San Leandro Water Treatment Plants.

In operation since 1935, the Orinda Water Treatment Plant is the heart of EBMUD’s system. Much of this critical $22 million project was comprised of work done underground, invisible to customers. This complex work improves the reliability of the Orinda Water Treatment Plant by adding backup power systems, upgrading water treatment processes and improving treatment configurations to allow easier maintenance during plant operation. By investing in the upgrades now, EBMUD can keep maintenance costs down in the long run and keep water flowing to our customers.

Regardless of reservoir source or operational adjustment, all customers receive high-quality drinking water that meets or surpasses all state and federal regulatory requirements. EBMUD's laboratory tests every day to ensure that water quality meets EPA and state standards.

Camanche Dam and Spillway are safe

Heavy rains continue to fill reservoirs

EBMUD has an active, comprehensive dam safety program to protect lives and property. The District monitors Camanche Dam regularly for evidence of seepage, ground movement, maintenance needs and assesses the integrity of the spillway and related facilities. Camanche Dam is operated by EBMUD and overseen by both the California Division of Safety of Dams and the Federal Energy Regulatory commission.

Like all EBMUD dams, Camanche is regularly monitored using state of the art geotechnical and survey instrumentation and comprehensively inspected (monthly by EBMUD and annually by EBMUD and regulators.) EBMUD does annual emergency response exercises together with affected agencies such as PG&E, local law enforcement and fire. The last exercise was in December 2016.

The safety of dams is continually reevaluated as experts advance our understanding of geotechnical, structural and earthquake engineering. Based on the findings of dam safety studies, over the past several decades EBMUD has proactively made numerous capital improvements to its dams to ensure their ongoing safety.

For more information call 1-866-403-2683.


Until further notice, the following trail access restrictions are in effect due to storm-related conditions.

  • Access to the Pinole Valley section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail from Alhambra Valley Road is closed.
  • Access to the de la Veaga trail is closed at Camino Pablo and Siesta Valley. 
  • Access to the Valle Vista Staging Area is closed from the Moraga side due to the City of Moraga's closure of the bridge on Canyon Road.

Please check back for updates or call Watershed & Recreation staff at
510- 287-0459.

Report trail problems here.


EBMUD continues to monitor the landslide area for movement. In preparation for the rainy season, tarps were placed at the site to reduce water flowing into the landslide area. Anyone owning property in this area is responsible for and encouraged to take necessary steps to monitor their property. Read more