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A WaterSmart home saves water, energy and money on utility and landscaping bills. It also reduces green house gases by lowering emissions from pumping and heating water!

Services and Incentives


Apply for rebates to replace your thirsty-lawn with water-wise landscaping, upgrade to efficient irrigation equipment, or direct your laundry water to your landscape.  

On-Bill Financing

Finance upgrades such as high-efficiency toilets with this new program for multi-family and commercial property owners. 

My Water Report and Portal

Log into our online customer portal to track your water history, set up leak alerts, and get customized recommendations. All you need is your account number and zip code. 

Home Survey Kit

Request a free kit to be delivered to your house. The kit includes a worksheet, dye tabs, flow-meter back, and instructions on how to to search for the most common household leaks and inefficient fixtures.

Appointment Request

Request an appointment with a water conservation representative.

Tools and Resources

WaterSmart Gardener

Discover EBMUD resources and services specific to outdoor landscaping. Over half of residential water use in the East Bay goes to our gardens and landscapes. 

Leaks and High Bills

Stop leaks and high bills with our homeowner's handbook.

WaterSmart Tips

Look here for quick and easy water saving tips, and learn how to make changes that can lead to water conservation over the long haul.



Learn how your home and landscape uses water, and find out where to cut back with this interactive calculator. 

Save like a Pro

Create an indoor and outdoor water budget and shrink your water use. 

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) - Resources & Tips

Conservation services, rebates, tips for saving water, and recent legislation pertaining to HOAs and landscaping. 

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Report Water Waste
Let us know about water waste in your area.