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These services ensure your home is water and energy efficient, and can help save water and money.

"My Water Report" Online Portal

Small steps can make a big difference! Sign up with your account number and last name to get water reports, track your water history, set up leak alerts, and see personalized recommendations.

Survey-kit-web-graphic-1-420px_0.JPGHome Survey Kit

Illustrated step-by-step instructions take you through your home to read your water meter, test the flow rate of your water fixtures, and perform a toilet leak dye test.  Return a completed worksheet to get FREE water-saving devices, if any are needed.

Telephone Survey

This is a free service intended to supplement the do-it-yourself Home Survey Kit. During the telephone survey appointment, a water conservation specialist will determine the need for an in-person visit. Use the appointment request form to set up a 15-20 minute phone call with a water conservation specialist.

Troubleshoot high bills and leaks

Resolve a sudden or unexpected spike in your water use with these tools.

Leak Resolution *NEW*

Investigate your unusually high water use with an easy to use, interactive guide that helps eliminate and identify the reason for your high bill. You will need an EBMUD account number and last name to login. 

The Homeowner's Handbook  

Some leaks may look like a steady drip but over the course of weeks can amount to hundreds of gallons of water. The good news: You can do many of the repairs yourself. The homeowner's handbook helps you locate leaks that can be repaired by yourself or a plumber.

Take action and learn more

WaterSmart Gardener

Visit our resource center for outdoor water conservation to learn about plants, design, rebates and water-efficient irrigation.

Rebates and Incentives

We offer a suite of landscaping rebates to help cover the cost of making upgrades to your garden and irrigation system.

WaterSmart Calculator

Learn how your home and landscape use water, and find out where to cut back with this interactive calculator.

HOA Resources

Conservation services, rebates, tips for saving water, and recent legislation pertaining to HOAs and landscaping.

Do-It Yourself Videos

Outdoor and indoor DIY water audit videos from the California Water Efficiency Partnership can help you.

WaterSmart Tips

Quick and easy ways to save water and make changes that can lead to long-term water conservation.


Customer Authorization to Share Water Use Information

Use this form to authorize your landscape contractor or other third party to receive account information that will help you manage your water consumption. 

To get started: Use the appointment request form to set up a 15-20 minute phone call with a water conservation specialist first.  During the telephone audit, EBMUD staff will be able to determine whether an in-person water use audit is needed. 

The in-person water use audit takes approximately one hour and covers the following steps:

Step 1: Read meter, evaluate water use and check for leaks

  • Read meter: Staff will help you locate and read your water meter. All water use should be turned off for this step. (How to read your meter).
  • Calculate water use: staff will help you calculate your water use since the last meter read on your water bill, and review your water use history.
  • Check for continual use: the meter readings will help check for continual water use that may indicate leaks are occurring in your pipes, plumbing fixtures, appliances or irrigation system. If the meter registers use, you will need to shut off the main water line to your house to isolate whether the leak is in the pipe serving your home.  If the leak stops when the house line is closed, this is an indicator that the leakage may be indoors or in the outdoor irrigation system.

Step 2: Indoor

  • Check for toilet leaks:  EBMUD staff will show you how dye tabs or food coloring can be used to test each toilet for slow or intermittent leaks that may not be readily identified from a meter read.
  • Measure flow rates: Using a plastic flow rate bag, staff will show you how to check the flow rates of bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets and showerheads.
  • Check other fixtures: The audit includes observing whether any standing water, moisture or signs of water damage are present around fixtures or appliances.

Step 3: Outdoor

  • Check your yard: The outdoor survey includes looking for wet ground, mossy ground, overly wet spots or unusual green spots around the property.
  • Check your irrigation system: EBMUD staff will ask you to turn on a few stations on the irrigation system to check for uneven pressure, blocked/leaning/clogged spray heads, broken emitters, and/or overspray and runoff. This requires running the sprinklers or the drip lines one station at a time (time allowing).
  • Measure irrigation flow rate: The survey includes reading the water meter for each station test (time allowing) to determine the use and flow rate.
  • Review your watering schedule: Staff will work with you on reviewing your irrigation schedule and controller (if present) for watering days and times to suggest ways to reduce overall use.

Please note:

  • This is a courtesy service to assist EBMUD customers in review of their water use practices and does not include physical repair services that are the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • EBMUD customers are responsible for operating their own plumbing and irrigation systems and scheduling repairs with a plumber.
  • EBMUD representatives do not carry advanced leak detection equipment, repair customer leaks, or recommend specific plumbing services.
  • You must be on-site and with the EBMUD staff person for the duration of the site visit.

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