Troubleshoot high bills and leaks

Resolve a sudden or unexpected spike in your water use with these tools.

Leak Resolution *NEW*

Investigate unusually high water use with an easy to use, interactive guide that helps you identify and eliminate the reason for your high bill. You will need an EBMUD account number and last name to login. 

DIY Guide for Leaks and High Bills

Leaks are often the cause of high bills. The good news: you can do many of the repairs yourself! Consult these resources to identify and repair common leaks, and for a printer-friendly guide, download Looking For Leaks, available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Ways to conserve water

These services ensure your home is water and energy efficient, and can help save water and money.

My Water Report Program Mobile

My Water Report Online Portal

Small steps can make a big difference! Just click on the My Water Reports link on your EBMUD account page to sign up for use notifications, track your water history, set leak alerts, and discover ways to save.

Home Survey Kit

Illustrated step-by-step instructions take you through your home to read your water meter, test the flow rate of your water fixtures, and perform a toilet leak dye test.  Return a completed worksheet to get FREE water-saving devices, if any are needed.

Telephone Consultation

This is a free service intended to supplement the do-it-yourself Home Survey Kit. Use the appointment request form to set up a 15-20 minute phone call with a water conservation specialist. During the telephone consultation, a water conservation specialist will determine the need for an in-person visit.

Take action and learn more

WaterSmart Gardener

Visit our resource center for outdoor water conservation to learn about plants, design, rebates and water-efficient irrigation.

Rebates and Incentives

We offer a suite of landscaping rebates to help cover the cost of making upgrades to your garden and irrigation system.

WaterSmart Calculator

Learn how your home and landscape use water, and find out where to cut back with this interactive calculator.

HOA Resources

Conservation services, rebates, tips for saving water, and recent legislation pertaining to HOAs and landscaping.

Authorization to share water information

Use this form to authorize your landscape contractor or other third party to receive account information that will help you manage your water consumption.

WaterSmart Tips

Quick and easy ways to save water and make changes that can lead to long-term water conservation.


WaterSmart Center

Your resource for services and incentives for home and business, publications, workshops, events and more.

Report Water Waste
Let us know about water waste in your area.

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