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Save water at home and troubleshoot high bills with tools for indoor and outdoor water use. Tell me more


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Save water at your business with tools and services for indoor and outdoor use. Tell me more 



Apply for rebates to help with the cost of landscape, plumbing, and technology upgrades. Tell me more

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See your Water Report

Track water use, set leak alerts, and get recommendations for reducing your bill. Tell me more


WaterSmart Gardener

Design a low-water garden with resources on planting, irrigation, mulch, and more. Tell me more


Landscape Advisory Committee

Participate in the committee to promote sustainable landscaping practices. Tell me more

Upcoming Events

July 21, August 4, 18, 25 - Water Conservation Showcase Webinar

Join hundreds of advocates, researchers, and industry leaders to address the most pressing water issues and challenges facing the state of California.

What's New?


Flowmeter Rebate

Don't wait for your next high bill. Get real-time notifications of water waste with a flowmeter! Get a rebate of 50 percent of the total cost up to $200 per device. Tell me more

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Find plants for your landscape

Looking for the perfect plant for your landscape? Whether you're converting your grass to a new water-smart garden or simply looking to add some color to an existing one, we've got the plant for you!

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Permanent Outdoor Water Use Rules

Review permanent outdoor watering rules, and report water waste violations here.

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Submit a request for an EBMUD speaker at your upcoming event.

Water Conservation Publications Library        Publications, school materials, long-term plans, and our gardening book.

EBMUD seeks qualified presenters and facilitators on sustainable gardening and outdoor water conservation. 

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