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Flowmeter Rebate

Don't wait for your next high bill. Get real-time notifications of water waste with a flowmeter! Get a rebate of 50 percent of the total cost (excluding taxes and installation) - up to $200 per device.

November 4 - Compost: Benefits, Selection, and Application

Join us for a presentation on the many benefits of compost. This presentation is part of EBMUD's Landscape Advisory Committee Sustainable Landscape Speaker Series.

Lawn & Landscape Watering Schedule

Use our suggested monthly watering schedule as a starting point to set up efficient irrigation based on sprinkler or drip type.

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Permanent Outdoor Water Use Rules

Rain or shine, water conservation is always important. Review permanent outdoor watering rules, and report water waste violations here.

Sustainable Landscape Map

Looking for inspiration to turn your lawn into a low-water use garden or renovate your existing garden? Use the map to find a garden near you.

Request a speaker

Submit a request for an EBMUD speaker at your upcoming event. Please allow 3 weeks advance notice for any request.

Landscape Advisory Committee

EBMUD hosts a monthly meeting for a range of professionals related to sustainable landscaping and outdoor water conservation.

Water Conservation Publications Library

Water conservation publications, school materials, long-term plans, and our gardening book Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates.

Call for Workshop Presenters

EBMUD is seeking qualified presenters and workshop facilitators in the area of sustainable gardening and outdoor water conservation.

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