Pre-rinse spray nozzle program

Pre-rinse Nozzle

Restaurants, institutions and commercial facilites in the EBMUD service area are eligible to receive free water-efficient spray nozzles to replace older, high-water use models. EBMUD provides a free on-site water survey in addition to the water-efficient spray nozzle installation.

The program can provide significant water, sewer and water heating costs. See "Spray Valve Savings" below.

To Participate

  1. You must have an existing hose and conventional spray valve nozzle(s) installed.
  2. You must be an EBMUD customer with a valid business license.
  3. Call 510-287-1900 to schedule an appointment for a Water Conservation Representative to install the nozzle(s).

Replacement nozzles will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are exhausted or the program terminates, whichever occurs first.

Spray Valve Savings

Spray Valve Comparison

  EBMUD Installed Conventional Models
Nozzles gpm rated flow 1.6 gpm 2.5 gpm 4.0 gpm
Daily usage (hrs) 2 2 2
Gallons/day 192 300 480
Annual Heat Cost to operate $1,466 $2,292 $3,666
Annual Water Cost to operate $525 $820 $1,311
Annual Sewer Cost to operate $543 $849 $1,358
Total Annual Cost to operate $2,534 $3,960 $6,335
Savings (Compared to a 1.6 Nozzle)   $1,427 $3,801

1. $2.00/therm, $5.63/unit of water, $5.83/unit sewer
2. 1 unit of water = 748 gallons
3. gpm* - gallons per minute
4. Water temperature 140°F (Delta 75°F)
5. 363 days/1 year use

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