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In dry years like this, water conservation stretches the East Bay’s supply of reliable, high-quality drinking water.

EBMUD declared a Stage 4 critical drought and set a community-wide goal to reduce water use 20% compared to 2013. To achieve this goal, EBMUD adopted new water use rules that affect all customers. Learn about the new rules in effect

Many customers have already made changes in how they use water at home and in the garden, as well as at work. We thank you for using water wisely. Others may be able to conserve even more. Let us help you find ways to save water like a pro!

Home Water Use Calculator

This tool takes you through your home and landscape, shows you where you are using water, and where you can cut back.

WaterSmart Gardener

Our outdoor rebates and services will help you take action to save water in the yard and garden. More info.

  • Rebates for lawn conversion, irrigation upgrades, and graywater
  • Mulch discount coupons
  • Nursery Plant Tag Program
  • Landscape Gallery
  • Garden Grants
  • Gardening Events
  • EDMUD's award-winning plant book

Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour

The tour is free, but you must register online by Saturday, April 25th!

This one-of-a-kind, inspiring tour of East Bay native plant gardens is an annual favorite not to be missed. Stops on the Tour range from well-established gardens to brand new installations, from large lots in the hills to small front-yard gardens. EBMUD is a sponsor.

My Water Report Program

Receive bi-monthly reports comparing your water use to similar households. Personalized recommendations and an interactive web portal help you understand and manage your water use.

Find and Fix Leaks

Toilet tanks and broken sprinklers are common culprits of household leaks. A few minutes is all you need to check for leaks in the most common places. One in four homes has a toilet leak! View the video below to see how to fix a toilet leak.

Mike's tip: How to easily find and fix a toilet leak

WaterSmart Home Survey Kit

Are you as water efficient as you can be? Slow the flow in your house with EBMUD’s free kit. It includes worksheets, toilet tank dye tabs, a flow-meter bag and step-by-step instructions for you to better manage your home’s water use.

WaterSmart Tips

Whether you want a quick fix or are committed to long-term conservation projects, find tips here.

Drought Updates

Get the latest updates on the drought and water supply.