Water supply

EBMUD’s water supply begins at the Mokelumne River watershed in the Sierra Nevada and extends 90 miles to the East Bay. The Urban Water Management Plan helps EBMUD ensure a reliable water supply for the next generation, which includes making the best use of limited supplies through water conservation and recycling and developing long-term projects.

EBMUD water supply

EBMUD's water supply system consists of reservoirs, aqueducts, treatment plants, and distribution facilities from the Mokelumne River Basin in the Sierra Nevada, to the East San Francisco Bay Area

Current Water Supply Outlook

Daily Water Supply Report

Get technical water supply data for the previous seven days.


Water Supply Update
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Reservoir Releases

Information about reservoir releases can be found on our water supply reports page.

Projects and Long Term Planning

Water Right Permit 10478 Time Extension Project

The Final Environmental Impact Report for the Water Right Permit Time Extension is published. View the time and location of an upcoming public meeting and environmental documentation.

Climate Change

EBMUD has developed mitigation and adaptation strategies to deal with the changing climate and its effects on water resources.


Learn more about how conservation supplements our existing water supply.

EBMUD and the Delta

Learn about EBMUD's commitment to protecting critical infrastructure and the health of the Delta ecosystem.

Freeport Regional Water Facility - Sacramento River Water Supply

This regional water supply facility will provide water for East Bay customers in dry years plus needed water for Sacramento.

Mokelumne/Amador/Calaveras Integrated Regional Water Management Plan

Learn more about the updated MAC IRWMP including how EBMUD worked alongside other organizations as a stakeholder to craft a document founded on regional cooperation and integrated approaches to water resources planning.


Learn more about how water recycling supplements our existing water supply.

State Water Resources Control Board Delta Flow Criteria Process

Flow criteria for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in compliance with Senate Bill No. 1 adopted by the SWRCB.

Urban Water Management Plan

EBMUD's Urban Water Management Plan 2015 is a long-range planning document used to assess current and projected water usage, water supply planning and conservation and recycling efforts.

Water Supply Management Program 2040

The Water Supply Management Program 2040 is EBMUD's long-term water supply plan to assure sufficient water supplies for future generations.