Community activities

EBMUD offers a variety of community activities. Request a speaker for your event, volunteer to build or maintain a trail on the watershed, take or lead tours, or schedule children for outdoor education programs. EBMUD has many ways for you to join our mission of being good environmental stewards.


Learn more about volunteer workdays, tours and other events offered directly by EBMUD or in partnership with other organizations.

Request a speaker

Schedule a time for an EBMUD representative to come talk to your group or organization about the latest issues. 

Teacher resources

Pull from EBMUD materials designed to help educate children and young adults on the delicacy and resiliency of the Sierra foothills and East Bay protected lands.

Tour EBMUD's Wastewater Treatment Plant 

Find out what happens to the dirty water from your toilet, shower and laundry after it goes down the drain--take a tour of EBMUD’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. East Bay residents and students in middle and high school are invited to tour EBMUD’s Wastewater Treatment Plant in Oakland. Sign up for a tour.

Art exhibition

EBMUD's 58,000 acres of beautiful watershed lands serve as inspiration for artists all over the world.

Watershed photo gallery

View some of the most spectacular photos of the EBMUD watershed.