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Welcome to our resource center for outdoor water conservation! 

Create a Water Wise Garden

Water Conservation provides tools and resources to help you create a water-efficient landscape at your home.

Apply for a Rebate 

Get up to $2,000 to replace your thirsty lawn, upgrade inefficient irrigation, and safely divert laundry water to your garden.

Find out how many gallons of water you can save annually by converting your lawn to a low water use garden.

What to Plant

Invest in a healthy, resilient garden by selecting water wise plants and trees that use little or no water once established.

Lawn to Garden Design Center

Not sure where to start? Get an overview of the entire process, including DIY sheet-mulching, planting, and watering.

Compost and Mulch

Find out how to save water and beautify your garden with compost and mulch, and save money with our mulch coupons.


Comprehensive overview of landscaping design and maintenance best practices to reduce minimize risk from wildfires.

Hiring a Landscape Professional

Qualified professionals create landscapes that conserve water and soil, reduce waste, and prevent pollution.

California Watershed Approach

Follow the principles of the watershed approach for attractive, lush and evergreen gardens that require less water, but don't look dry.

WaterSmart Garden Grants

Grants are available to community organizations who create public garden projects that demonstrate water conserving principles.

Reimagine Your Landscape

Browse through examples beautiful, lush and water-efficient gardens in your neighborhood and across California.

Garden Gallery

Here are some WaterSmart examples from homes around the Bay Area to get your gardening juices flowing.

I ♥ My Garden Photo Challenge

Take a look at dozens of landscape transformations submitted during our first ever "before and after" lawn conversion photo challenge. 

Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour

Tour beautiful, water-conserving native gardens throughout the East Bay every year on the first weekend of May.

Reimagining California

All over California, people are re-imagining their landscapes. Find pictures and personal stories and videos about their experience.

Sustainable Landscape Map

Use this map to find beautiful, water wise public community gardens throughout our region.

WaterSense Landscape Photo Gallery

Browse before and after photos from all over the West, and add a photo of your own to inspire others!

Maintenance and Care

Lawn & Landscape Watering Schedule

Consult our suggested watering times as a starting point for updating your sprinkler or drip irrigation schedule with the seasons.

WaterSense Outdoors

WaterSense (EPA partnership) is both a label for water-efficient products and a resource for helping you save water.

Tree Care Tips

Save water and our trees. Keep your trees healthy and happy with this tree watering advice and additional resources.

Free Advice - Ask an Expert 

Master Gardeners offer monthly garden tips, a plant helpline, community events in Contra Costa and Alameda County.

Outdoor Tips

Find outdoor water conservation tips here, whether you want a quick fix or are committed to long-term conservation.

Maintain Your Garden

Videos and seasonal tips and best practices to maintain a healthy, drought-tolerant and low-maintenance landscape.

California Friendly

A free eBook on maintenance for landscapers, gardeners, and land managers. 

Guide to Healthy Lawns

Make small adjustments to keep your lawn healthy using little or no pesticide.

For professional landscapers

Commercial Irrigation

Rebates, services and resources for commercial landscapes. Includes success stories, water budget program, and audit services.

Landscape Advisory Committee

Stay on top of sustainable landscaping with our newsletter, professional development resources, and Sustainable Landscape Speaker Series.

WaterSmart Center

Your resource for services and incentives for home and business, publications, workshops, events and more.

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