Homeowners associations (HOAs)


EBMUD offers free water saving tools and services for managers, staff and residents of HOAs.  Avoid expensive leaks, cut costs, and save water. 

Water Management

Landscape Water Budgets

Water budgets inform property managers about how efficiently water is being used in the landscape. Daily reports based on consumption and budget data are emailed directly to irrigation managers. Budgets are free to HOAs with irrigation meters.

Water Use Portal

If you manage multiple EBMUD water service accounts, this online portal can help you track your water use for all accounts, identify where your water use is going, and how it compares to previous years.



Rain sensor equipment update

EBMUD offers rebates to multi-family properties up to $15,000 for lawn conversion, irrigation upgrades, clotheswashers and toilets. Visit our rebate page for more information.

Water-Saving Devices

Free faucet aerators, showerheads and hoze nozzles are available, as needed, to replace old devices.  Please request an on-site survey for multi-family complexes larger than four units.


Nine Water Saving Tips for HOAs

From finding and fixing leaks to educating residents and staff on watering and rebates, these tips will help you be WaterSmart.

Laws affecting HOAs and landscaping

Did you know that state law prohibits HOAs from restricing residents' compliance with local water-efficient landscape ordinances and restrictions?  Understand the rules governing HOAs and landscapes.

WaterSmart Center

Your resource for services and incentives for home and business, publications, workshops, events and more.

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