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Triple Rock Brewery Doubles Down on Water Savings

May 7, 2019

 General Manager Mateen Habib and Head Brewer Jeff Kimpe,

General Manager Mateen Habib and Head Brewer Jeff Kimpe,

Berkeley’s Triple Rock Brewery has long been a neighborhood pioneer for water conservation. They’ve been certified as a Green Business since 2006, and in 2016 further established their water-wise bona fides by garnering EBMUD’s WaterSmart Certification recognition.

After getting their WaterSmart Certification, the brewery reduced their daily water use by 128 gallons per day, which amounts to over 60,000 gallons per year.

“We’ve always put innovation front and center in our beers, so it made sense to do the same for our water use,” says head brewer Jeff Kimpe. “One of the big ways we do that is by repurposing the water used to cool the wort [the sweet starter liquid for beer] during the brewing process for our cleaning–in–place needs.”

Cleaning–in–place is a widely used industrial cleaning method, whereby the interiors of the brewing equipment are washed without needing much disassembly. This is often done by delivering water via a high energy spray. In the case of Triple Rock that water has already seen one life earlier in the brewing process, where it was piped into an isolated metal coil used to cool down the wort.

And the water savings don’t stop there – the attached Triple Rock Brewery restaurant has also installed water-efficient fixtures such as low-flow dish washing spray-rinse nozzles, low-flow toilets and urinals, and the landscaping uses a drip system instead of overhead spray irrigation.

General Manager Mateen Habib says, "Being smart with our water use just makes sense. We of course want to keep our overhead low with reduced water bills, but being a leader in our community in as many ways as we can is just as important. People come to us for our beer and our history; they might leave with a little water-saving knowledge, too.”

Choicelunch Chooses Water Conservation

February 6, 2019

CEO of Choicelunch Justin Gagnon

CEO of Choicelunch Justin Gagnon

Choicelunch began in 1974 as small family-owned catering company. Fast forward 44 years and Choicelunch operates four kitchens with 30 trucks delivering food to more than 250 schools across Northern and Southern California. The headquarters of Choicelunch in Danville houses their administrative staff of 18 employees plus a research and development kitchen.

In 2016, changes to hardware and employee education resulted in Choicelunch receiving WaterSmart Certification. EBMUD’s WaterSmart Certification program encourages facilities to install efficient water fixtures like toilets, urinals, faucets and other industry specific equipment and put in place efficient procedures and practices as well.

CEO of Choicelunch Justin Gagnon says, “Training and focusing on behavioral changes is the biggest impact we can make, to get people to really see water as a precious resource. At Choicelunch we do signage, supervisor training, as well as monitoring and auditing on the floor.”

Prior to their WaterSmart Certification, Choicelunch headquarters averaged about 21 gallons per day per person. In the last two years since their certification, their water use has dropped to about 6 gallons per day per employee. How?  They installed water efficient fixtures and trained supervisors to encourage water-saving habits by staff. That translates to over 134,300 gallons saved annually! Congratulations to Choicelunch, awarded WaterSmart Certification! 

Gagnon said his company lives by this value: Take Pride and Own It.

"We want our team members to do the right thing, even when other people aren’t watching. Taking ownership of the resources we’re using ties in the most to our impact on our water footprint."

Marina Seagate HOA repurposes streams and ponds into low-water use gardens

January 1, 2019

Dennis Solis from Northern Landscape Inc. and John Piersol from Marina Seagate HOA

Dennis Solis from Northern Landscape Inc. and John Piersol from Marina Seagate HOA

John Piersol, Marina Seagate Homeowners Association (HOA) Board President, led the HOA in San Leandro to reduce 70% of its annual water consumption by repurposing the HOA’s streams, fountains and ponds into low-water use gardens.

John describes himself as an inquisitive person, and when he took over as the HOA Board President, he looked at the water and energy bills and found things just didn’t look right.  “I grew up near a golf course and I worked on a golf course for two years, and so I was curious about how things worked. As I looked into the water and electric bills I realized that something was wrong.”

A friend recommended to John that he contact David Langridge, EBMUD Water Conservation Representative, to conduct a water audit at the HOA.  From John’s perspective, David made a number of good recommendations to help the HOA save water, including repurposing the ponds into low-water use gardens.  At Dave’s suggestion, the HOA installed a sub-meter on one of the ponds, and John found it leaked 3000 gallons per week. 

The ponds not only used a lot of water, they also used a lot of chemicals to suppress algae growth, and energy to circulate the water.  In 2015, the HOA got busy and started the renovation process.  Working with Dennis Solis of Northern Landscape Management Inc., they turned six ponds into low-water-use gardens. They plan to convert the remaining seven within a year.

John says, “Work with EBMUD and people who are interested in making a change. Also, do your homework before you present to your HOA.”

Bishop O'Dowd High School shows us how to conserve

November 8, 2018

Jeremy Pearson - Sustainability Office, Bishop O'Dowd High School

Jeremy Pearson - Sustainability Office, Bishop O'Dowd High School

EBMUD awarded East Oakland Bishop O’Dowd High School the WaterSmart Business Certification Award for outstanding water conservation. The high value the school places on sustainability spurred O’Dowd to reduce their water use by 35 percent, saving an estimated 2.6 million gallons each year.

“Environmental sustainability is articulated in our Catholic practice as ‘Kinship with Creation,’ and is a core value at Bishop O'Dowd High School.” says Sustainability Programs Coordinator and Educator Dru Marion. “With strong administrative support, guidance from former Sustainability Director Andra Yeghoian, and management assistance from Facilities Director Dan Malmgren, we've taken many measures to reduce our water use and protect water quality in our watershed. All of O'Dowd's maintenance, facilities, and landscaping staff have been essential to the success and continued functioning of these upgrades”.

The school achieved these water savings through simple changes such as replacing inefficient toilets, urinals and faucets with newer, more efficient fixtures. EBMUD provided O’Dowd a rebate in 2011 to install four waterless urinals, 122 faucet aerators, five new showerheads and one pre-rinse dishwashing spray valve.

Outdoors, the school removed the sports field, planted low-water use plants, and installed drip irrigation and a rain catchment system to help divert water to their plants. “Many of the water conservation features are a teaching tool for students from classes in social studies, religion, science, math and more,” says Marion.

EBMUD is proud to present the WaterSmart Business Certification Award to Bishop O’Dowd High School for their outstanding efforts in water conservation. O’Dowd has also received Alameda County Green Business certification, Green Ribbon School status and the Acterra Business Environmental Award.

“Environmental sustainability is articulated in our Catholic practice as ‘Kinship with Creation,’ and is a core value at Bishop O'Dowd High School.” 

FH One knows history

November 8, 2018

Mr. and Mr. Hosseinyoun - Owners of FH One

Mr. and Mr. Hosseinyoun - Owners of FH One

Owners of historic buildings, like the folks at FH One who own a 109-year old building in the heart of downtown Oakland, face the challenge of upgrading their buildings to conserve water while maintaining the building’s historic feel and charm.

For FH One’s Vice President, Mr. Daria Hosseinyoun, retrofitting the Old Oakland Bank building, built in 1909 at 1212 Broadway, was driven by a commitment to sustainability. With recurring dry years and droughts, Daria saw that by retrofitting the building with new water-efficient fixtures he was satisfying the desire of building occupants who felt green upgrades were important to their business model. FH One installed 36 new toilets and 45 new sink aerators, plus a new cooling tower. Their water use dropped by more than 50 percent.

Daria contacted EBMUD in 2016 to discuss water efficiency upgrades for his building. As he put it, “As a building owner, it is our responsibility to commit to sustainability as well as drought relief efforts. With the help of EBMUD, we were successfully able to cut down on thousands of gallons of water waste every year. To be part of such a tremendous impact has been a rewarding experience.” In 2016, EBMUD awarded FH One the WaterSmart Business Certification for outstanding water efficiency.

After FH One implemented the water efficient retrofits, their water use dropped from about 5,000 gallons a day to about 2,000 gallons per day. Annually, FH One’s water savings are close to 1 million gallons.

FH One’s efforts are a great example that water efficiency makes a good business model.

“We were successfully able to cut down on thousands of gallons of water waste every year. To be part of such a tremendous impact has been a rewarding experience.”